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Bathroom Products

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Established in 1987, Bean Products, Inc. has been a consistent leading manufacturer of eco-friendly home goods and wellness products. Located in Chicago, IL, Bean Products strives to keep most of, if not all, our manufacturing done in the United States.
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Hemp Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Our hemp shower curtains are constructed with 9 oz. Romanian Natural Hemp Fabric, processed in an old world European ecological method, avoiding all harsh chemicals. Hemp plants are grown naturally without pesticides or fertilizers, hemp fiber is naturally processed and then turned into fine hemp yarns which get woven into extraordinary hemp fabric using best methods, supporting well paid workers in an emerging East European democracy.
We cut and sew our hemp curtains at the Bean Products factory in Chicago, Illinois USA. Lastly, our hemp shower curtains are grommeted with high quality rustproof nickel plated brass grommets.

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Natural Handcrafted All Cotton Shower Curtains - no PVC liner needed

Eco Friendly - Made in USA by Bean Products. Better for you and the environment.

Cotton Shower Curtains are made to fit Standard Tub Size 70 inches wide x 74 inches Long, or large stall size 54 inches wide x 74 inches long and small stall size 36 inches wide x 74 inches long. Our specially woven cotton shower curtain fabric is 7 oz. conventional cotton duck canvas in natural unbleached or safely bleached using eco - friendly hydrogen peroxide. All our cotton shower curtains are made with high quality rustproof nickel plated brass grommets. No inhale-able toxic phthalates found in many plastic curtains.

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Organic Cotton Shower Curtain – Bath, Tub + Stall Sizes – Made in USA

Organic Cotton Shower Curtains are better for you, your home and our Environment. GOTS certified Organic Cotton fabric in Natural Unbleached, White - (bleached in eco - friendly hydrogen peroxide), and Grey colors. All are expertly sewn and sized for Standard Tub size 70 x 74 inches, Large Stall size 54 x74 inches, and Small Stall size 36 x 74 inches. Using these organic cotton shower curtains requires no toxic PVC liner - Eco Friendly - Made in USA by Bean Products

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shower curtain rings

Bean Products - Roller Rings for Shower Curtain

Easy roll rings are designed with special flat rollers for easier movement. The large hoops will accommodate multiple curtains. Rust-Proof 12-count This product is part of our extensive line of Made in the USA Shower Curtains.

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shower steamers

CW Soaps & Scents - Aromatherapy Shower Steamers 4 Pack

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers are aromatherapy for your shower! When you don’t have time to relax in a hot bath, start your day off right with these invigorating Shower Steamers! Just place a Shower Steamer on your shower floor away from the stream of water for an aromatherapy experience. The steam of your shower will release the Essential Oils and open your sense to the scents of pure bliss. The Shower Steamers will certainly get your day off to a happy start or end the day feeling relaxed. Feeling a little stuffy? The Eucalyptus Shower Steamer will help bring much relief. Have a headache or need to be alert? The Peppermint Shower Steamer will help. Each scent provides a different aromatherapy experience. Each 2 oz Shower Steamer has the maximum essential oils to give you the best possible aromatherapy encounter. Made in Michigan

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cedar soap dish

Cedar Soap Dish

These cedar soap dishes are a beautiful and practical way to preserve your Sister Bees Goats Milk Soap. Our natural, handcrafted goat's milk soap doesn’t contain chemicals that prevent “melting” if the bar is left sitting in water. Handcrafted in the US, these soap dishes are designed to allow water to drain through, extending the life of the bar. The cedar soap dishes measure 2.75" x 4".

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