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We created USA Made Referral Store to showcase USA manufacturers and help promote their products. OUR MISSION is to help people find trustable100% USA Made products.

* Products sold here has been researched and tested and proved to be of the very best quality.

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Mountain and Sackett: - Ties, Bow Ties - Scarfs
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Mens Clothing

gettes logo
We opened our own factory in Metro Detroit to create jobs and lead the charge for ethical clothing manufacturing.
Supima cotton, a luxury cotton grown exclusive in the southwest United States,  is the backbone of all of our fabrics. We work with some of the few remaining knitters in the country, in both  in North Carolina and California. Our various fabrics are dyed and finished in South Carolina and California before being shipped to our factory in metro-Detroit, Michigan. 
womens tees

The Model Tee - Classic Crew

Designed to perfect the American Classic T-Shirt. Made In Michigan, this tee exemplifies the quality of manufacturing.

ON SALE $16.00

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mens sweatshirt

Sweatshirts Campus Crew

Designed to be versatile, modern and unique. Featuring a curved bottom hem and made from our custom Supima Flex-Terry fabric.

gettees sweatshirts

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mens gettees hoodie

District Hoodie

A raglan cut hoodie with a micro-suede finish and ribbed paneled sides. The perfect balance between sophisticated and sporty. Made from our custom Supima Flex-Terry.

gettees hoodies

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gettees t

The Model Tee Heavyweight V

The classic v-neck redesigned for maximum comfort, durability and style. Made from our heavyweight Supima Interlock fabric.

8 colors to choose from

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gettees shorts

District Short

We gave your sweatshorts a modern upgrade with a tailored fit and the perfect amount of stretch. Made from our micro-suede finished Supima Flex-Terry fabric. Manufactured In Michigan.

Colors: Lincon, Cherry, Steel and Navy

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jobber gettees

District Jogger

A modern upgrade to your favorite french terry joggers featuring a micro-suede finish and the perfect amount of stretch. Made from our custom Supima Flex-Terry. Manufactured In Michigan.

Colors: Lincon, Cherry, Steel and Navy

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Logo 320x50

Active Wear and Accessories for Men and Women.

We make clothing that’s durable, not disposable. High quality. Built to last. Straightforward style that endures beyond trends. Unlike most stuff you can buy, it's made to be worn—not end up in a landfill.
See American Giant Profile here on USA Made

new shorts 3


Made with our cotton French terry fabric and cut into a casual fit, these shorts are soft and comfortable, but tough enough to sweat in.

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new short 4

Brigade Short

The Brigade fabric was designed for tactical military purposes with a blend of nylon and spandex for durability and flexibility. Two layers of fabric woven together to provide interior comfort and exterior toughness. Designed to regulate temperature and perform well in both cold and hot climates. It's lightweight, wind resistant, and wrinkle free. You'll look polished and put-together without sacrificing comfort.

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pocket tee
Heavyweight Pocket T - Black

Heavyweight Pocket T [More]

Price: $36.00
cotton polo
Classic Cotton Polo - Washed Cotton

Classic Cotton Polo [More]

Price: $49.00
Premium Slub Crew T Long Sleeve - Navy

Premium Slub Crew T Long Sleeve [More]

Price: $52.00

Dakota Straight - Maritime Wash

You shouldn’t need a guidebook to find the right pair of jeans. Blue jeans should be ... [More]

Price: $154.00
v/neck shirt
Classic Cotton V-Neck T - Washed Cotton

The same soft fabric, durable construction and great fit as our Classic Cotton Crew T, ... [More]

Price: $34.20
Roughneck Pant Straight - Gilded Brown

Roughneck Pant Straight [More]

Sale: $80.00

Classic Cotton Crew T - Chalkboard

Classic Cotton Crew T [More]

Price: $34.20
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3 for $90.00
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moto zip
Moto Full Zip - Oxford Blue

Moto Full Zip [More]

Price: $118.00


Supima Pique Polo

Made with 100% Supima cotton that is textured, soft, and durable. A modern fit made with a traditional pique waffle weave and split hems on side seams.

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highway shirt
Highway Shirt - Dark Elm

Built for life on the open road and inspired by a time when our clothes lasted thousand... [More]

Price: $86.80
highway shirt 2
Highway Shirt - Heron

Built for life on the open road and inspired by a time when our clothes lasted thousand... [More]

Price: $124.00
mountain and sacket logo

We are making Shirts and Pants for men.

The J Wingfield Company weaves into its shirts the experience of four generations of American textile engineers. From the sourcing of fiber, through the spinning of yarn, weaving, finishing and sewing, the company's passion is to deliver an American produced shirt of unparalleled fit, quality, and style.
Our Heritage and Sustainable collection fabrics are woven in both North and South Carolina using the latest yarn spinning and weaving technology. Our sister textile mill - originally opened in 1904 - cleans and cards fiber, spins yarn and weaves 100% cotton and other blended fiber fabrics.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout
wingfield shirt1

Carlton SUPIMA Oxford Button Down

Woven in South Carolina. Sewn in Texas. This Carlton Classic SUPIMA Oxford Button Down is soft, stylish and the ideal middle ground between casual and dress. Made to be worn with or without a jacket, this shirts looks great with a tie, un tucked or with the sleeves rolled up.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout
- You save 19.50

Original price 195.00
$175.50 with discount code USAMADE10
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wingfield shirt

Carolina Indigo Blue Washed Button Down

Woven in North Carolina. Sewn in Texas. This Carolina Indigo Blue Washed Button Down straight cut chambray is soft and looks great with khakis, jeans or any casual jacket. All our Heritage collection fabrics are made with U.S. Cotton - the world's premium cotton fiber.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout
You save $18.50

Original price $185.00
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wingfield shirt 3

Middlesex Faded Blue Stripe

You can't claim to embrace the traditional classics if you don't own stripes. Bringing some variety to our Made in USA collection is the Middlesex Faded Blue Stripe. Worn with a pair of navy trousers and a suede jacket, this shirt is ideal for a busy day in the city or a quiet weekend in the country.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout
- You save $17.99

Original price 179.99
$162.00 with discount
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shirt 1

Humphrey Check Button Down

Humphrey Check Button Down $179.99 USD For the man who hates figuring out what matches and what doesn't, the Humphrey Check Button Down makes the decision easy since it goes with pretty much everything. No matter what color jeans you want to wear or occasion you've got planned, this shirt will bring American style to your wardrobe. Sewn in the heart of Texas, our shirts embody the best of American manufacturing boasting an elegant pattern and a comfortable fit that you can only achieve here.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout

Original price $179.99
$162.00 with discount
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yellowstone collection shirts

Yellowstone Blue Chambray

Woven in South Carolina. Sewn in Texas.

This classic western chambray is incredibly soft, rugged and looks great with khakis or jeans. Dress it up with a jacket and tie or untuck it and roll up the sleeves for a more casual look. The shirt gets better over time, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout

Temporary Sold Out
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Dakota Button Down

Woven in South Carolina. Sewn in Texas.

Blended with Buhler Ringspun US Supima Cotton for utmost comfort, the Dakotas offer a unique color story woven with a combination of yarns giving an opalescent look to your wardrobe. Using a innovative blend of dyed yarn, Dakota is unlike any other shirt available on the world stage.

All of our fabrics are finished with a minimum use of chemicals. This gives our shirts enhanced breathability, a superior feel and the durability you expect from an 100% Authentic American made fabric.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout
- You save $15.75

Original price $157.50
$141.75 with discount
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wingfield pants

Frank's Gentleman Fit 5 Pocket- Mushroom

Frank's Gentleman Fit 5-Pocket pant is crafted by the finest artisans in Texas and made from a Cotton/Stretch fabric to give its wearers the comfort and maneuverability they desire, while giving the clean, formal look of a traditional trouser. Made without rivets, this pant allows you to get away with wearing a jean without falling into the realm of being "too casual" for special occasions.

Available in Mushroom - Steel Grey and White Stone

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout

Original price $165.99
$149.40 with discount code USAMADE1
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franks trim trousers

Frank's Trim Fit Trouser- Khaki

Embracing our commitment to the quality that only American made products can provide, J Wingfield is proud to bring you Frank's Pants: a Made in USA pant line that incorporates the tradition of a 100% cotton trouser with updated modern fit.

Cut & sewn in Virginia, this 100% Cotton Trim Fit Trouser is a perfect companion to your J Wingfield shirts. Utilizing a classic color story, Frank's offers supreme quality at an affordable price.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout

Sale price $79.50
$71.55 with discount code USAMADE10
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wingfield pants 9

Frank's Trim Fit Trouser- Mushroom

Cut & sewn in Virginia, this 100% Cotton Trim Fit Trouser is a perfect companion to your J Wingfield shirts. Utilizing a classic color story, Frank's offers supreme quality at an affordable price. By narrowing the thigh and knee of the pant, the Trim Fit trouser fits the body in an updated style, relieving you of the bagginess found in your common trouser, making it an ideal partner to the J Wingfield shirt.

All pants ship with unfinished lengths, giving you the freedom to hem the leg of the pants precisely to your liking.

10% OFF - use code USAMADE10 at checkout

Sale price $79.50
$71.55 with discount code USAMADE10
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todd shelton

This product is made in our East Rutherford, NJ headquarters.

Todd Shelton helps men of all ages stay current and maintain a consistent, professional identity through clothing. By leveraging timeless style and minimal design, Todd Shelton transforms your wardrobe into a cohesive team of garments that work together.

todd sheldon t-shirts

Breton Stripe Button Shirt

Breton stripes hail from Brittany in northern France, which explains their name. The story the 1850s, the French navy adopted Breton stripes in their uniforms because the stripes made it easy to see men who had fallen into the sea.

Made for you in our East Rutherford, NJ factory

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todd sheldon shorts

Safari Utility Light Tan

Safari Utility is designed to be a long-wearing adventure short. At 11 oz and densely woven, it has a durable structure. Made from a slub cotton and enzyme washed. Highs and lows develop throughout the color giving Safari Utility a broken-in, vintage feel.

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todd shelton sweatshirts

Track & Field Sweatshirt Heather Grey

Track & Field is a soft, comfortable, light-to-midweight sweatshirt. We see it as a casual, sporty alternative to a sweater. It can be worn to the office with any of our jeans, khakis, or trousers.
Made for you in our East Rutherford, NJ factory.

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flannel lined jeans

Pro Original Darks Flannel Lined

Pro Original Flannel-Lined jean will keep you looking good and secretly toasty. If you spend time outside in the cold at sporting event, or holiday events, or nature walks, or work that requires you to be outdoors - a flannel-lined jean can help keep you warm and comfortable this Winter.

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todd shelton shirts

Prince Charles Cashmere Dark Grey

Prince Charles shirts come with a range of incremental fit options, giving you the flexibility to adjust the fit of your shirt in small increments. Once you establish your Fit Profile, maintain it consistently, or make incremental changes to it as your needs or preferences change.
More info here...

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todd shelton pants

El Capitan Trouser Black

El Capitan comes with a range of incremental fit options enabling you to build your Fit Profile based on height, build, and style preference. Once you establish your Fit Profile, maintain it consistently, or make incremental changes to it as your needs or preferences change.
This product is made in our East Rutherford, NJ headquarters.
More info here..

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raleigh logo

Our downtown Raleigh (North Carolina) workshop is at the heart of everything we do.
We began with the idea of making the ideal pair of jeans. The kind you can wear everyday (we do). We took a bunch of jeans apart to learn how to put them together; we lugged machines out of old factories and storage units; we sat at kitchen tables and stood in garages hearing from men and women who worked at facilities that no longer exist, and then we figured out how to make those old machines run again.
raleigh jeans

Graham Canvas - greyhall

It’s great, a shirt for your legs. The trick is, it still needs to fit like jeans. Which is why we found this oxford-weave fabric that retains its shape (so it’s not too drapey) and looks tailored all-day. Best of all, it passes our long walk-on-the-beach test. Easy to roll up and dries super quickly.


More info here
blue jeans

Graham Pilot

With extra room in the waistband, seat, + thigh and a tapered leg, the Graham is perfect for wearing relaxed/dropped, or true-to size for more muscular builds.


More info here
dark blue jeans

Jones: Selvage Raw Organic Stretch

The Jones is our most popular fit - slim, straight, and classic. Fits true to size. Take the next size down if you are in between sizes. This jean will stretch with wear. If you start them comfortably snug (or ever-so-slightly uncomfortably snug), they will stretch out to be a perfect fit.

More info here

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pants raleigh 1

Jones Canvas Pacific

The Italian canvas is stunning and soft. The stretch comfort is extraordinary. 5 Pocket. Indigo-Dyed. Tonal-Stitched.

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raleigh pants 2

Martin Stretch stone

As many of you already know, the comfort of our stretch pants is addicting… once you get a pair, you want more. 78% Cotton 22% Elasterell. Made in the USA.

Colors: Dark Fathom, Black and Stone

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raleigh pants 3

Martin Trouser Indigo Waves

The subtle variation in this indigo dyed jacquard weave creates a stunning mid-weight camo trouser.

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demin shirt

Raglan Sweatshirt Stone

100% Cotton Fleece. Made in the USA.

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raleigh sweather

Raglan Sweatshirt Indigo

From our Hand Dipped Indigo Series - These are tailored, mid-weight, made-to-live-and-last sweatshirts. Featuring diagonal detail seams at cuff, waist band, and collar. Fabric made in South Carolina. Sewn by hand and dyed by hand in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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raleigh tee

Organic Pocket Tee

5 years to develop a T-shirt sounds insane, but that’s how long we’ve been developing these. The length of the sleeve (not too long, not too short). The size and shape of the pocket (useful but not too much of a statement). The length of the shirt (long enough to tuck, short enough not to). The fabric (not too thick, not too thin).

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demin shirt

Welt-Pocket Buttonup Denim

Tailored fit with buttondown collar and welt chest pocket. Handcrafted in North Carolina.

More info here

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raleigh shirt 4

CPO Buttonup Chambray

This season’s CPO is a Japanese stretch twill with flaps on the pockets. It’s garment dyed and soft from the start.

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raleigh shirt 6

Short Sleeve Patch Pocket Buttonup Time

100% Cotton. Handcrafted in the USA. Patch pocket at chest.

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