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Dog Collars and Leashes

Flowfoldflowfold dog leash

Trailmate Dog Collar

This incredible dog collar resists odors and dries in a flash. Resists odors and dries quickly.
Made in USA with a lifetime warranty.

Also available in Orange and Blue

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Flowfolddog leash 1

Trailmate Recycled Climbing Rope 6ft Dog Leash

This radical 6ft dog leash is made from recycled scraps of the same rope that rock climbers depend on. Also available in a 4ft. length for smaller dog breeds.
Made in USA with a lifetime warranty.

Colors: Green, Orange and Blue

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Flowfolddog leash 3

Trailmate Recycled Climbing Rope 4ft Dog Leash

This lightweight but strong 4ft dog leash is made from recycled scraps of the same rope that rock climbers depend on. Durable 4ft. rope leash for smaller breeds. Unique, bright patterns changing with availability.
Made in USA with a lifetime warranty.

Colors: Green, Orange and Blue

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dog supply logo is your online destination for everything dog, from your favorite dog products to our online dog forum. is a division of TABcom, LLC, which was founded in 1969 and is the parent company to a wide variety of pet-related websites. They have 1000's of USA Made products. Here are some products we recommend.

Latigo Dog lead Black 6 x 3/8

Latigo Dog lead Black [More]

From: $14.53
Mendota Trainer Dog Check Cord 50ft x 3/8i...

Mendota Trainer Dog Check Cord [More]

Price: $22.99

Carnival Waterproof 6ft Dog Leash Tangerine

Carnival Waterproof 6ft Dog Leash [More]

Price: $10.30

dog lead burgundy
Latigo Dog Lead Burgundy 6 x 1

Simply beautiful! You'll fall in love with this top quality leather lead.

From $17.29
nylon training lead
Nylon Training Lead - Blue 15 Foot

Single-ply nylon webbing with strong bolt snap gives plenty of space, yet keeps your pet protected within a defined area.

From $10.70
twisted latigo lead
Twisted Latigo Dog Lead 6 Ft x 1/2 Burgundy

Made from the same high-quality leather as the popular Latigo line, these top-of-the-line leads offer a sophisticated style alternative.

From $20.65

ultrasport collar
Ultrasport Dog Collar 14-20in Black

The Ultrasport Dog Collar is the perfect all-weather dog collar. Made with Biothane, it is waterproof, stink-proof, soil-resistant, and easy to clean. This adjustable collar makes it easy to get the right fit on your dog. It's durable to last through many adventures, with a black metal D ring making it easy to attach a leash.

Price: $6.29
mendota collar
Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar 14in x 3...

The Mendota® Rolled Leather Dog Collar has the same durability and regal look of other Mendota® collars, along with a little extra comfort for the longer-haired dogs out there. The rolled leather helps prevent matting and tangles.

Price: $32.99
Zeta Poly Vinyl Coated Dog Collar 16 inch ...

The Zeta Collar features the softness, feel, and look of leather while being significantly easier to care for. The collar is made of a poly vinyl coated polyester webbing that can stand up to the toughest of abuse. It has been substituted for leather in other industries as it is extremely strong, easy to clean, and water-repellent.

From $9.85

personalized mahogany
Personalized Mahogany Dog Collar with Bras...

Show off your dog's style! The beautifully crafted leather is durable, and the ornamental brass plate enhances the beauty of the mahogany color while being functional at the same time.

Price: $40.79
sunny blue nylon collar
Personalized Sunny Blue Nylon Dog Collar 1...

3 Sizes
Show off your dog's style and keep them safe at the same time with the Personalized Nylon Dog Collar from Leather Brothers. It is made of a durable, one ply nylon that will hold up over time. The Kwik Klip style buckle will stay in place until you release it, yet it is super easy to get on and off. Each size collar adjusts easily for a custom fit.

Price: $27.74
SunGlo Reflective Dog Collar 20 inch Orange

The perfect collar for doggies that love to be outside! Polyurethane coated nylon makes it soil-, odor-, and rot-resistant. Let your dog splash around in the water; he won't come back with a stinky, dirty collar. The reflective strip and vibrant color will keep your dog visible in low light and shaded woods for extra safety.

Price: $5.39

latigo leather collar
Premium Latigo Leather Dog Collar 20 inch ...

This premium leather dog collar, available at an affordable price, features a sleek, 1-ply design to make a bold and classic fashion statement for any dog.

attitudz surfdog collar
Attitudz Surfdog Waterproof Dog Collar 18-...

The Attitudz Surfdog Waterproof Dog Collar will show your dog's love for a good wave. It is made with Biothane material, which makes it not only water-proof, but also stink proof and soil resistant. It is an all weather collar that is easy to clean and durable.

Price: $7.39
Shieldtec Flea/Tick Collar for Dogs and Pu...

Shieldtec Flea/Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies [More]

Price: $15.25

carnival dog collar
Carnival Waterproof Dog Collar 14-20in Grey

The Carnival Waterproof Dog Collar is equal parts basic function and style. It is made with Biothane material, which makes it not only water-proof, but also stink proof and soil resistant. It is an all weather collar that is easy to clean and durable.

Price: $7.44
slip dog collar
Mendota Command Slip Dog Collar 18 Inch Red

The Mendota® Command Slip Dog Collar provides the training benefits of a traditional choke chain and the comfort of nylon. Please remember: always monitor your dog while using a slip collar.

Price: $7.90
bite not collar
BiteNot Pet Collar 5 x 21

BiteNot Collars are an excellent alternative to the traditional Elizabethan collar. It provides unimpeded peripheral vision and allows your pet to eat, drink, sleep, and play while protecting the back, rump, base of tail, flanks, chest, abdomen, and genitals (even feet in small breeds). These collars are not recommended for protecting eyes or ears.

Price: $39.69

Cat Treats

Cat-Sip® gives your cat the milk he or she craves, without the stomach problems that regular milk may case. It's made from Grade A milk that’s 99% lactose-free and easier to digest for cats and kittens, and unlike solid treats, it also provides the added hydration they need. It's a delicious treat your cat or kitten will lap right up!

Price: $1.97

Six Fish Cat Treat is a delicious and nutritious treat with natural flavors your cat will love. Fresh meats are the foundation, and are delivered fresh (refrigerated, without preservatives) or raw (flash-frozen, without preservatives) then gently freeze-dried without cooking or preservatives, to lock in natural, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat.

Price: $10.09
Greenies SmartBites Hairball Cat Treat 2.1...

Hairball Control Cat Treats are not indulgent, empty calories. This delicious, dual-textured treat contains natural ingredients and FIBERBLEND™ Formula to help minimize hairball formation and promote healthy digestion.

Price: $3.09

Greenies SmartBites Skin and Fur Cat Treat...

Healthy Skin & Fur Cat Treats are not indulgent, empty calories. This delicious, dual-textured treat contains natural ingredients to nourish your cat's skin and help maintain healthy fur.

Price: $3.09
Feline Greenies Dental Treat 21oz Chicken

FELINE GREENIES™ Dental Treats offer complete nutrition and help your cat maintain good dental care. They have a unique shape and crunchy texture that's proven to reduce tartar.

Price: $20.64
Miracle Care Cat Grass Plus 60 gram

Cat Grass Plus satisfies your cat's natural craving for grass. It is absolutely harmless and you can grow the herbs right in your home. It doesn’t require much water and growth of the herbs will be visible in just three days.

Price: $6.07

Cat Food

Located in Midland, Michigan

Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is one of the true pioneers of natural healthy pet foods and holistic pet health care & nutrition. Conceived and led by Dr. Wysong, we are a family company that puts principle ahead of market.
Wysong pet products have been fed to tens of thousands of pets through multiple generations for almost forty years with remarkable health benefits.

optimize dog food 1

Optimize Beef, Heart and Liver 9 oz Bag

Wysong Optimize™ is a high nutrient value food intended for dogs, cats, and ferrets. The foundation of Optimize™ is substantial chunks of real meats. Wysong is committed to evolving and advancing pet foods such that they increasingly resemble the natural, carnivorous diet; the archetypal diet that nature intended. Far too many pet foods are high carbohydrate and starch (which converts to sugar once digested), low protein, and low fat. These dietary attributes are, quite literally, the opposite of our pets' genetic expectations. The health of pets suffers accordingly.

From $23.19
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chicken dog food

Optimize - Chicken 9 oz. Bag

In stark contrast with such commercial pet foods, Wysong Optimize™ is meat based, and additionally fortified with an unparalleled Wysong micronutrient spectrum.

From $23.19
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salmon dog food

Optimize - Wild Caught Salmon 9 oz

Wysong is committed to evolving and advancing pet foods such that they increasingly resemble the natural, carnivorous diet; the archetypal diet that nature intended.

From $23.19
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cat food 3

Raw Dog / Cat Food Diet

The original Wysong raw diet for dogs and cats. A superior raw dog and cat diet now available in four healthful varieties: Chicken, Rabbit, Quail and Pollock.

From $21.89
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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Dry Cat Fo...

Inspired by the diet of the lynx, a tireless hunter and wild relative of our domesticated feline friends, high-protein BLUE Buffalo™ Wilderness Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food contains a higher concentration of the delicious duck you know your cat will love.

Price: $38.41
ORIJEN Six Fish Dry Cat Food 4lb

ORIJEN Six Fish Dry Cat Food is formulated to be Biologically Appropriate™ food for all life stages. With 40% richly nourishing protein and limited to 18% low-glycemic carbohydrate, it aims to nourish cats and kittens according to their evolutionary and biological needs.

Price: $27.24

ORIJEN Fit and Trim Dry Cat Food 12lb

ORIJEN Fit and Trim Dry Cat Food [More]

Price: $61.19
ORIJEN Dry Cat and Kitten Food 12lb

Modern cats and kittens are built like their ancestors, possessing a biological need for a diet that is rich and varied in animal protein. ORIJEN Cat & Kitten is formulated to meet those needs.

Price: $66.49
Sale: $66.49
fromm cat

Fromm 4-Star Salmon Tunachovy Dry Cat Food, 15lb

Salmon Tunachovy is a Mediteranean blend of wild salmon, tuna, anchovy, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, eggplant, and olive oil.

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Cat Grooming

Wysongdog shampoo 1

Nature's Relief™ - Pet Shampoo

Nature's Relief™ cat and dog shampoo cleanses and moisturizes your pet's coat and skin with natural components in a rich, low-sudsing formulation.

This mild non-ionic formula contains essential oils, which help to naturally eliminate/repel pesky insects. Nature's Relief™ is gentle enough to be used regularly.

8 oz. Bottle $9.19
1 Gallon Bottle $135.19
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Wysongpet shampoo 2

Soothing Relief™ - Pet Shampoo

Soothing Relief™ cat and dog shampoo cleanses and moisturizes your pet's coat and skin with natural components in a rich, low-sudsing formulation.

This mild fragrance-free formula contains aloe vera, jojoba oil, and honey, which help to naturally cleanse/sooth dry sensitive skin. Soothing Relief™ can be used on a regular basis.

8 oz. Bottle $9.19
1 Gallon Bottle $135.19
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Citressence Pet Spray

This odor counteractant is a botanical and citrus formulation containing safe natural extracts that have the capability of molecularly neutralizing, not just masking, most offensive odors.

Citressence™ imparts initial light citrus scent, then no scent at all including the bad ones. Highly concentrated, very economical and extremely safe and efficient.

16 oz. Spray Bottle for Pets
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Kwik Stop Styptic Powder for Pets 1/2 OZ

Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder now contains Benzocaine for pain relief. For use on dogs, cats, and birds, it will stop bleeding caused by clipping nails, docking tails, trimming beaks, and minor cuts. The veterinarian-approved formula can be applied with a cotton applicator or finger tip. For external use only.

Price: $6.09
Bio-Groom Waterless Bath 16 OZ

This easy-to-use shampoo requires no wetting or rinsing. It's great to use in between baths, during bad weather, to spot clean and deodorize, for caring for puppies and kittens, after surgeries, for soiling mishaps, and on old and ill pets.

Price: $13.99
BioGroom Natural Oatmeal Anti-itch Shampoo...

Bio-Groom™ Natural Oatmeal Soothing Pet Shampoo is an all-natural, soap-free cleansing treatment. An exceptional shampoo, it cleans the skin and coat without harsh chemicals. Special conditioners moisturize and soothe the skin on dogs and cats.

Price: $13.99

Espree Shampoo n Conditioner in One for Ca...

Espree’s Shampoo & Conditioner in One formula cleans and conditions the coat in one easy step. A quick bath of beneficial natural and organic ingredients of Aloe Vera, Panthenol, and Jojoba leave the coat soft, shiny, and clean.

Price: $9.69
KONG Naturals Premium Catnip Spray

KONG Naturals Catnip Spray is made with concentrated catnip oil for maximum fun. KONG's oil is steam-distilled from the finest North American catnip, producing the most potent catnip oil available.

Price: $7.04
tick dip Bio-Groom Flea & Tick Pyrethrin Dip Cats &...

Bio-Groom Flea & Tick Pyrethrin Dip instantly kills and repels fleas, ticks, lice, and ear mites with a natural Pyrethrin concentrate that provides strong resistance to infesting insects for up to two weeks.

Price: $15.50

pet brush 2

KONG Zoom Groom Pet Brush

The KONG® Zoom Groom will change the way you groom for good! Rows of flexible rubber cones massage your pooch and remove loose hair, dirt, and dead skin. And it’s a terrific scrubber at bath time. Keeping Rover beautiful has never been faster (or easier)!

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pet grooming 2

SleekEZ Grooming Tool - 3 Sizes

For Horses, Dogs and Cats. The SleekEZ® Grooming Tool is a uniquely designed comb with an exclusive tooth pattern, created to be used on a variety of coats – from fine to coarse, long to short. It helps to easily shed loose hair and dirt from the animal's coat year round without irritation. Extremely gentle, yet highly effective, the blade will not cut hair or damage the coat.

From $16.10
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pet grooming 3

Pet Grooming Brushes

GBS has its exclusive line of fine grooming products. Brushes can also be used as Scalp Massage Brush for men and women, and men's beard.

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grooming 4

Chicago Pet Comb,Made in USA, Dogs and Cats, Carbon Fiber

Large Size for Long or Thick Fur, Gentle and Smooth.
The Pet Comb, made in USA by Chicago Comb. Large size for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals with long, thick, or curly fur. Made of naturally anti-static Carbon Fiber composite, which is ultra smooth, durable and light. Far superior to regular pet combs made with metal pins that are heavy, feel cold to the touch, and can poke and scratch your animal.

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pet cleaning

International Veterinary Sciences IVS Quick Bath Pet Towelettes, Removes Odor, Extra Thick and Heavy Duty, Made in The USA

HEALTHY & HAPPY: Quick Bath wipes are the perfect solution for in-between baths. Formulated with effective cleaners that remove odors from your pets’ skin. Perfect for Cats and Dogs.

10 Count (Pack of 1)

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Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer

This Metro Pet Dryer is a compact, powerful, hand held pet dryer is nice and compact, great to take on the Road. Excellent choice for Mobile Groomers! It is also strong and powerful enough to use in the shop to dry off a large long haired dog in minutes!

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Cat Tags and Collars

Signature Cat Collar 11in Metallic Pink

Signature Cat Collar

BiteNot Pet Collar 7 x 28

BiteNot Pet Collar [More] 9 sizes

Price: $36.12
Kitty Close Up Cat ID Tag

Kitty Close Up Cat ID Tag [More]

Price: $19.75
Mouse Patrol Cat ID Tag

Mouse Patrol Cat ID Tag [More]

Price: $19.75
Super Cat Cat ID Tag

Super Cat Cat ID Tag

Fabulous Feline Cat ID Tag

Fabulous Feline Cat ID Tag [More]

Price: $19.75

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