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We created USA Made Referral Store to showcase USA manufacturers and help promote their products. OUR MISSION is to help people find trustable100% USA Made products.

* Products sold here has been researched and tested and proved to be of the very best quality.

All Men's Clothing: - Jeans/Denim - Men's Winter Down Apparel - Men's Camo Clothing - Hunting/Fishing - Motorcycle Clothing - Leather Jackets
All Women's Clothing: - Jeans/Denim - Women's Winter Down Apparel - Women's Sport-Swimwear - Women's Camo Clothing Hunting/Fishing - Maternity & Postpartum Products - Motorcycle Clothing - Leather Jackets
Clothing for Kids and Babies: - Swimwear - Baby Clothing - Tees

Beanies | Belts | Caps | Jewelry - Leather Bracelets | GLOVES: - Motorcycle Gloves - Winter Gloves and Mittens - Work Gloves | Hats | Masks - Neck Gaiters | MOTORCYCLE Luggage: - Saddle Bags - Tool Bags - Windshield Bags - Travel and Roll Bags - Sissy Bar Bags | Purses and Bags | Scarves | Straw Hats | Ties and Bow Ties | Wallets | Winter Hats

SHOP by Company name:
AMERICAN GIANT: - Tops - Hoodies/Sweatshirts - Leggings/Pants - Dresses
AUTHENTICALLY AMERICAN: - Hoodies/Sweatshirts - Dresses - Tops - Jackets
BELEVATION: - Maternity
FORLOH: - Camo Hunting and Fishing
FOX CREEK: - Motorcycle Leather Jackets - Motorcycle Vests - Motorcycle Chaps & Overpants
GETTEES: - T-shirts - Sweatshirts - Hoodies
GORUCK:- Shorts - Leggings - Training Shirts - Pants
GRUVY: Sport and Swimwear
HARD TAIL FOREVER: - Tops - Jackets - Bras - Dresses - Leggings/Pants
RALEIGH: - Shirts and Jeans
SCHOTT NYC: - Leather Jackets


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Family-owned and operated business, recognized as much for its focus on California manufacturing and classic designs as its commitment to strong females everywhere.

Twenty-five years ago, our founders, Dick and Patty Cantrell launched Hard Tail, a pioneering lifestyle and active-wear line celebrating female athleticism. At its core: a girls-can-do-anything philosophy, inspired by the couple's three daughters. Dick and Patty's vision was to not only create an innovative brand rooted in relaxed California living, but also one that would motivate young women to defy stereotypes, break barriers, and achieve their dreams.

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