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Meditation Cushion - Yoga Equipment

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Established in 1987, Bean Products, Inc. has been a consistent leading manufacturer of eco-friendly home goods and wellness products. Located in Chicago, IL, Bean Products strives to keep most of, if not all, our manufacturing done in the United States.

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meditation mat

Zafu Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set - Cotton

The Ultimate Meditation Accessory Kit

A longtime favorite amongst our staff, this wonderful meditation cushion set will make any home feel just a bit more cozy, while providing true functionality to the seasoned or beginner meditator alike.

One no longer has to worry about back, ankle, or butt soreness. Fall into deep meditation quickly and easily by ridding yourself of distractions caused by discomfort.

Available in Cotton, Organic Cotton, and Hemp.

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meditation pillow1

Zafu Meditation Cushion - Hemp Round, Mandala Design - Made in USA

Our beautiful Mandala Hemp Round Zafu meditation cushions are hand crafted in our Chicago workshop. We use the finest heavy 18 oz. hemp fabric; filling it with supportive organic buckwheat hulls - grown in the upper Midwest. The convenient carry handle covers a hidden zippered opening that allows filling to be removed or added – thus allowing you to adjust the cushion to the best meditation height for your needs as well as to hand wash if needed.

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meditation bench

Bamboo Meditation Bench

Meditating with our ergonomic, Earth-friendly Bamboo Meditation Bench provides a very comfortable alternative for those who have difficulty in cross-legged sitting meditation.

Bean Products Meditation Bench allows you to switch back and forth between sitting and kneeling, giving additional comfort during longer meditation sessions.

Our Original Bamboo Meditation Bench reduces stress on your joints and back while providing effortless spine alignment.

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yoga bolters

Yoga Bolsters - Vinyl (Easy Sanitization)

Bean Products Yoga Bolsters are designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions. Our yoga bolsters firmly support your body for total relaxation and comfort. Covered in sturdy Vinyl fabric for easy wipe down and hygiene in several colors, shapes and sizes.

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american trench pants

yoga sandbag

Yoga Sandbag 10 lb ( SAND FILLED )

Bean Products uniquely designed, hand crafted, ten pound, dual handled yoga sandbag is a very useful yoga prop that will help you deepen your postures by adding weight to increase tension for stretching or counterbalancing. Use it on your thighs, ankles, shoulders, abdomen (improve lung capacity during pranayama breathing), under your hip or with the special double sturdy handles our yoga sandbag can be employed as a weight for deep stretching or resistance exercise and body toning.

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pilat mat

Natural Cotton Yoga / Pilates Mat

Our Extra large Natural Cotton Fitness Mat is covered in sturdy cotton canvas and stuffed with pure cotton batting. The Cotton Fitness Mat brings comfort to your exercise, relaxation or massage. This extra thick mat is great for Yoga or Pilates and is especially useful for those needing extra padding. The attached rollup ties allow for easy storage and can be used as a bolster and the attached shoulder strap makes for easy transport. Consider adding the washable protective cotton cover sold separately. Approximately 36" wide x 72" long x 2" thick. Made in the USA.

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bean back stretching

The Whale Therapeutic Back Stretching Bench

The Whale - Handmade in Chicago, IL The Whale Therapeutic Back Bench which derives its name from its elegantly curved profile is a multi-use tool designed to stretch and elongate the spine while rejuvenating and energizing the entire body!

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Jump Ropes

jump rope 1

World Champion Speed Wire Jump Rope - #1 Best for Cross Training and Functional Fitness

Patented Technology - Fully Adjustable - Proudly Made in the USA by JumpNrope

No less than FOUR WORLD RECORDS have been set using this jump rope. Multiple World Champions call this their rope of choice. Why? Because rope choice matters, and these guys can tell the difference.

Many Colors

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jump rope 2

Rike Gear Jump Rope Adult – Exercise Jumprope for Women and Men

Jump Ropes - Non Slip Wooden Handles, Fast, Fluid Speed Jump Rope, Fully Adjustable Kids Jump Rope - USA Made - Free Velvet Pouch.

GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS… Held record for over 30 years with a blazing 108 skips in 10 seconds. The lightweight material increases intensity so you can go faster.

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jump rope for kids

BuyJumpRopes Beaded Double Dutch Jump Ropes - Pair of 14ft Ropes

Long enough for 3-4 jumpers to fit inside when turning.
Very easy to control.
Popular for schools and teams Beads made and assembled in the USA .Top quality.

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jump rope 4

Rx Jump Rope - Black Ops Handles with Trans Black Cable Buff 3.4 9'0"

The best rope for training Double Unders and high intensity work outs. Used by the USA Boxing Team, USA Wrestling Team, USA Judo Team, USA Synchro Team, USA Functional Fitness Team and the top athletes competing at the CrossFit Games. Buy the Original. Made in the USA.

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