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NEW - Vermont Flannel Bearflannel teddy bear


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Located in Streetsboro, Ohio

Step2 is the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys and the world's largest rotational molder of plastics. It’s our mission to be the leading innovator of children's products that build imaginations and enrich the family's celebration of childhood.
Step2 Discovery is located in Streetsboro, Ohio and includes The Step2 Company, LLC (“Step2”), Step2 Direct (“”), Backyard Discovery (“”) located in Pittsburgh, KS and Go Configure (“”) located in Lisle, IL.


Snow Runner™

Encourage active outdoor play with the Snow Runner™ kids’ sled. Built for big adventures, this plastic toboggan-style sled has high sides, a backrest, and a full-length footrest to ensure comfort while racing through the snowflakes. The wide body and thoughtfully crafted design offer increased stability with molded-in hand grips to help kids safely tackle hills of any size. Made in the USA.

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NEWkitchen toy

Cooking Time Kitchen™

The Cooking Time Kitchen™ playset for kids is a pretend kitchen with plenty of realistic features. Faux stainless steel and lifelike wooden accents paired with a vintage-style fridge and freezer make it a great addition to any play area. Parents will love the look, and kids will love the many interactive features. Made in the USA.

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Push Around Sled™

Walk in a winter wonderland with your little one sledding along on the Push Around Sled™ by Step2®. Children will have a safe and comfortable adventure as you push the snow sled with the wide, easy-grip handle. They can sit on the molded seat and hang on to the built-in handles for stability, pretending to race around town on a snowmobile! Made in the USA.

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christmas tree

My First Christmas Tree™ with Lights and Sound

Holiday magic comes alive with this cute toddler Christmas tree toy by Step2! Toddlers can decorate their very own Christmas tree, complete with the ornaments and star on top. No need to worry about breaking fragile ornaments or getting pricked by real tree branches; the curved edges and kid-friendly size allow toddlers to get involved in decorating for the season -- safely. . Made in the USA.

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mobile helper

Mobile Helper™

The Mobile Helper allows toddlers to participate in fun learning activities at counter and table height, boosting confidence and independence. Walls on three sides, plus an enclosed safety bar secure your junior cooks as they meal prep, measure ingredients or decorate cookies. Made in the USA.

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stop go market

Stop & Go Market™

Little entrepreneurs, get your stands ready; we predict lots of fun and learning! The Step2 Stop & Go Market™ has it all! This pretend market comes with a gas pump, tollbooth, cones, chalkboard, and working cashier. Made in the USA.

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ball buddy 3

Ball Buddies Tunnel Tower™

Watch imagination come alive as your little one loads up the Ball Buddies trucks and sends them down the ramp or shoots them through the tunnel! Take turns launching play balls into the funnel from the flippers below, practicing fine motor skills and coordination.

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kitchen play

Best Chef's Kitchen™

Little chefs can’t wait to whip up some fun with the Best Chef’s Kitchen™ pretend kitchen playset by Step2. The stylish, open design and fresh colors complement any play area and allow for engaging social play! Made in the USA.

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double drop

Ball Buddies Double Drop HQ™

Ball Buddies are back and ready to double drop in on the fun! Little ones will play the day away dropping the play balls through two exciting adventures. Watch as the balls spin around the top tier before dropping down the ramps or through the tube to the bottom.

From $24.79 Parts
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Our Green Housebubble toy

Non-Toxic Bubbles - Toy - Single, 4 oz

Finally, the perfect non-toxic bubble solution in an eco-friendly container! Refillable, recyclable, and made in the USA.

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rain shower bath

Nautical Rain Showers Bath Set™

Sail the high seas of bath time with the Nautical Rain Showers Bath Set™. Your little one can be the captain of their ship, the master of rain and water, or the daring pirate!

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sound slide bounce

All-Star Sports Climber™

Active outdoor play meets sports-time fun with the Step2 All-Star Sports Climber™ compact outdoor playset. This kids’ climber is perfect for little sports fans, from football to basketball and soccer. Made in the USA.

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basketball play

Naturally Playful™ Big Folding Slide™ - Pink

The Naturally Playful® Big Folding Slide™ in Pink provides little ones with hours of active play fun! This slide will help develop gross motor skills as kids climb up the sturdy ladder to get to the slide and preschoolers will begin to understand sharing as they take turns. Made in the USA.

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ball buddies

Ball Buddies Adventure Center™

The Ball Buddies are back and ready to haul toy balls around this two-tier kids’ water table! In addition to the classic Ball Buddies dump truck, this outdoor water play table for kids includes a Ball Buddies helicopter, boat, and a train – that can haul two play balls at once!

The Ball Buddies characters can’t wait to go on adventures around the lazy river, or cruise around the bends of the molded-in roadways and bridge attachments.

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Play & Store Sandbox™

The Step2 Play & Store Sandbox™ has a contemporary design and plenty of space for multiple kids to play together. Outdoor sandbox play for toddlers is a childhood staple, full of sensory play as well as encouraging interactive social interactions with friends and family.

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Ride Along Scooter™ - Rose Pink

The Ride Along Scooter -Rose Pink features a sleek design and rich coloring. It’s a great way for kid’s to practice balance and get some physical activity in during playtime. Featuring clean lines and rounded edges reminiscent of vintage roadsters, this kid-friendly scooter has faux chrome accents and easy-grip handles. Made in the USA.
More Colors: Aqua - White

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push around suv

Side-By-Side Push Around SUV™

Cruise the neighborhood together with this stylish two-seater ride-on toy!

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playhouse building set

Neat & Tidy Cottage Homestyle Edition™ - Gray

The Neat & Tidy Cottage Homestyle Edition™ will ignite little imaginations to play pretend for hours on end!

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Easy Steer Sportster™

Take this stylish kids’ toy push car out for a stroll with your little one! They’ll have a blast in the Easy Steer Sportster™ pretending to drive their very own sport car with the movable steering wheel and working horn. Ready for a sportster stroll? Buckle up with the included seat belt and use the cup holders to pack some drinks. Made in the USA.

Many to choose from here>>>

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shopping cart

Little Helper's Shopping Cart™ - Pink

Kids can take the Little Helper’s Shopping Cart™ to the pretend grocery store to stock up on food and other goodies necessary for a day full of imaginative play!

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junior basketball

Complete Choo Choo Wagon Combo™ - USA Edition

The Complete Choo Choo Wagon Combo – USA Edition is the perfect wagon to take multiple kids for a stroll. It's a spin on one of our most popular products, the Choo Choo Wagon. Perfect for parades during summer holidays and for any time of the year when the weather is nice. Made in the USA.

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unicorns and water

Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table™

Create a magical splash with the Rain Showers & Unicorns water table! This spacious kids’ play table is big enough for multiple kids to explore the fantastic fun of their very own unicorn utopia. Made in the USA.

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water play

Wild Whirlpool Water Table™

Get ready to enter the splash zone with this Step2 Water Table, perfect for active imaginations that enjoy outdoor adventures. Make a splash with the vortex water tower – pour water into the funnel and watch as the spinner is activated. Create big tidal waves in the basin to send the sea critter figures on a wild ride, too! The large water table design and included accessories make it easy to engage in fun social play with friends and practice sharing skills. Create a whirlpool of excitement in your own backyard with this unique water table for kids!



Play Up Double Slide Climber™

Little climbers’ motor skills will get a workout with the Step2 Play Up Double Side Climber™ outdoor activity center. Challenge your toddler’s spatial skills and hand-eye coordination as they climb up onto the platform using the extra-wide steps and handles to hoist themselves up. Choose a side, and practice balance during a race down the slides!


Step2bowling toy

Infant to Toddler Swing™ - Teal

Babies and toddlers can practice their fine and gross motor skills as they swing outside with the Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing™. Recommended for babies 9 months old to toddlers up to 50 lbs.

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Our Green Housejump rope

Jump Rope Set Toy - Made in the USA

Jump rope is a classic children's game that gets them outside and moving! Kids develop gross motor skills and coordination while having a great time.

This specific jump rope is special because it includes a Jump Rope Book with popular rhymes and variations of technique! Relearn your old favorite games and sing-songs while giving your children the gift of a timeless tradition.

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Step2red top

Infant to Toddler Swing™ - Pink

The Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing is an easy loading and comfortable toddler and baby swing.

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play set

Ball Buddies Truckin' & Rollin' Play Table™

Up and down, and around the bend! Send the Ball Buddies™ on their next adventure on this indoor kids’ activity table full of challenges like curves, tunnels, and hills. Stop the Ball Buddies dump trucks at the top of the activity table’s hill to pick up cargo, then send them on a ride around the track!


More info and BUY here
art station

Great Creations Art Center™

Mini artists have so much to explore with the 360-degree creative play for all around fun in the Great Creations Art Center™! Toddlers can sit at the built-in art desk to use the flat whiteboard surface for drawing and coloring, and lift it up to reveal additional storage for special books and masterpieces. For artists who prefer to stand while working, they can pick an easel side to continue the fun!

More info and BUY here
swing sets

Naturally Playful® Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

Transform your backyard into a playground for your kids! This Step2 outdoor climber and swing set for kids includes a variety of activities to keep them outside for hours. The Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber with Swing Extension is a great way to get multiple kids outside socializing, playing together, and practicing their sharing skills during fun and active play.

More info here

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Teddy Bears

NEW - Vermont Flannel Bearflannel teddy bear


Dressed in a cozy Vermont Flannel shirt, this 15” handcrafted honey bear is designed to give and receive a lifetime of love, comfort, and cuddles. Featuring fully-jointed, classic Vermont Teddy Bear construction and an organic cotton shirt complete with a Vermont Flannel label and buttons, Vermont Flannel Bear is a beloved heirloom gift for kids ages 3 to 103.
Using a combination of ultra-soft 100% organic cotton flannel, the softest fur, and 100% recycled stuffing, each bear is meticulously hand cut and sewn in Vermont, USA by Vermont artisans.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearalmond brown bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Teddy Bears - 13 Inch, Almond Brown, Super Soft

A forever friendship - Our 13-inch Teddy Bear is a plush animal you can love forever, designed to last and stuffed with love in Vermont, USA, using 100% recycled stuffing; Features premium, long, light-brown fur and tan paw pads.
Available in many shapes and colors.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearchristmas teddy

Vermont Teddy Bear Christmas Bears

Cuddiest Fur for Optimal Huggability - This incredibly cuddly and huggable Christmas stuffed animal is one of the softest plush animals around, and its short fur is surface washable; perfect for baby's first Christmas as well as for girls and boys, or anyone else who loves Christmas Bears. Made in Vermont, USA.
Available in 13 inch and 18 Inch.

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Go to Vermont Teddy Bear Shop>>>

NEW - Limited Edition - VFCblack jean

15" Special Edition Vermont Flannel Teddy Bear

The 15" Special Edition Vermont Flannel Bear offers warm hugs that evoke the essence of cozy fireside gatherings, crisp air, and beautiful landscapes. Red Buffalo Plaid and one of his eyes features our name, his specialty silky soft caramel fur with dark chocolate fudge tips is a Vermont Teddy Bear one-of-a-kind. Made in the USA 100% recycled stuffing sourced in the USA.

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NEW elephant

Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Elephant - Oh So Soft Elephant Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gray, 18 Inch

A baby Elephant 'Teddy Bear' you can feel extra good about since it's stuffed with love in Vermont, USA, using 100% recycled stuffing and premium fur; Features include tusks, an adorable trunk and big, floppy ears.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearsoft teddy

Vermont Teddy Bear Soft Teddy Bear - 15 inch

Cuddliest fur for optimal huggability – This incredibly cuddly and huggable, overstuffed Teddy Bear is one of the softest plush animals around, and its short fur is surface washable; perfect for baby toys as well as for girls and boys, or anyone else who loves big hugs and big Teddy Bears. Made in Vermont, USA.
Available in many shapes and colors.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearlarge teddy bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Big Teddy Bear - Teddy Bear for Girlfriend, 4 Foot, 48", 4 FT

I Love You - This cuddly 4 foot tall brown Bear makes the perfect gift for the ones you love with it's scripted "I Love You" red satin bow. Soft as a baby Bunny yet made tough to withstand a lifetime of hugs, it's always ready for lots of snuggles. Made in Vermont, USA.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearunicorn teddy

Vermont Teddy Bear Unicorn Stuffed Animal - Oh So Soft Stuffed Unicorn, 18 Inch

Adorable Designs and Expressions - Inspired by favorite childhood plush toys and popular kids stuffed animals, this Unicorn plush features the fluffiest fur, a light pink tail and mane, and iridescent hooves and horn; a perfect stuffed Unicorn for playtime, naptime, and bedtime. Made in Vermont, USA.
Many more animal teddy bears available.

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NEW - Vermont Teddy Bearchristmas teddy

Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Animals - 13" & 18" Super Soft Honey Teddy Bears

A forever friendship - Our 13 & 18 inch Teddy Bears are plush animals you can love forever, designed to last and stuffed with love in Vermont, USA, using 100% recycled stuffing; Feature premium, long, light brown fur and tan paw pads

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Go to Vermont Teddy Bear Shop>>>

TimMeebucket of toys

TimMee Bucket of Army Men: Tan vs Green 54pc Soldier Playset - Made in USA

The Original Toy Soldier Bucket is back! The TimMee Tan vs. Green BUCKET of ARMY MEN includes 24 olive green and 24 tan plastic army guys, a mountain, olive green Patton Tank, tan Fighter Jets, and 2 flags, all packed in a sturdy plastic bucket. All pieces are proudly manufactured in the United States from HDPE and LDPE plastic with medium detail and just a little flashing.

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TimMee Combat Convoy Trucks - Plastic Army Men M34 Deuce & a Half Cargo Vehicles

An American classic rides again. These Tim Mee Deuce-and-a-Half 2-1/2 Ton CARGO TRUCKS are proudly manufactured in the United States and available as this 2 piece set that includes 1 desert tan and 1 olive green vehicle.

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TimMeesoldiers 3

TimMee Galaxy Laser Team Space Figures - Tan vs Olive Green 50pc Set Made in USA

From a Galaxy far-out and away, an underground Sci-Fi classic from the 70's is back. This set of 50 Tim Mee GALAXY LASER TEAM with SPACE MONSTERS figure set is proudly manufactured in the United States, and includes 24 tan and 24 olive-green figures along with 2 small space fighters for maximum play value.

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earth hero logo
Located in Louisville, Colorado

As an eco-friendly online marketplace, EarthHero has done the work so you don’t have to. Here, you can pick from products that are sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that protects our planet’s future. Each brand we’ve partnered with has been chosen because they’re taking the right steps and helping to create a more sustainable future.

Some of the products are manufacured in the USA, and we have selected some of their toys here.

tea set

Kid's Toy Tea Set

Your little one can serve up a pot of tea while doing something great for the earth with this eco-friendly Tea Set. Made in the USA by Green Toys, the 100% recycled plastic composition contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC for a totally non-toxic playtime. This 17-piece set includes a teapot and lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 spoons.

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truck toy

Green Recycling Truck Toy

We all know and love the classic toy dump truck…but what about recycling trucks? Inspired by educating little ones about composting and recycling, The Green Recycling Truck Toy from Green Toys is made from 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs and features a movable truck bed and open/shut back door! Made in the USA.

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tool set toy

Green Toys - Kids Watering Can

From the garden to the beach, Green Toy's Kids Watering Can encourages your little ones to nurture the world around them! Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. Made in the USA.

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Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Flower Set

Everything's coming up roses with Green Toy's Build-a-Bouquet! Your budding florist can create countless floral arrangements with this 44-piece set, including 4 bases, 16 stem + leaf pieces, and 24 flower pieces. Vibrant lilies, petunias, and daisies stack interchangeably in the assorted stems for limitless fun! Made in the USA.

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paddle boat

Paddle Boat Bath Toy

Navigate the wading pool, embark on a cruise across the bath, and splash around in puddles with the Paddle Boat Bath Toy from Green Toys! This colorful craft, made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs, floats and features a wide spout to scoop and pour water.

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doctor kit toy

Tide Pool Bath Toys

Bring all the fun and learning of the tide pool to your beach or backyard with the Tide Pool Bath Toy Set from Green Toys. With 6 fun sea creatures including a starfish, scallop, abalone, snail, squid and jellyfish, all made from recycled plastic, you can teach your little one about exotic sea animals, and recycling, all in one! Made in the USA.

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earth hero wagon

Kids Play Wagon

The classic rusty red wagon gets a modern update in Green Toy's Kids Play Wagon, made from 100% recycled plastic (not dangerous metal!) Manufactured here in the USA, this wagon features a 100% cotton rope handle that easily tucks inside the wagon for safe storage.

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bath toy

Rescue Boat & Helicopter Bath Toy Set

From the ocean to the skies, no rescue is out of reach with the Rescue Boat & Helicopter Set by Green Toys. This two-in-one toy is perfect for bathtub or playtime outside, with a bright yellow helicopter nestled on the back of the red and white rescue boat! Made in the USA.

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Car Carrier

If your little one likes playing with toy cars, they're sure to love the double-decker Car Carrier, with enough space to transport all their mini cars! Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic from milk jugs, this double-decker car by Green Toys contains no metal axles or small parts, keeping playtime safe and fun.

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Our Green Housetoy barn

Wooden Toy Barn - Made in USA

We are in love with this American made Wooden Barn Toy. Beautiful A frame design.
Generous Size - Measures 20"x12"x14".
Removable Loft.

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Our Green Housesafari blocks

Toys Made in USA - Blocks Safari

Who would have thought that four blocks is all it takes to bring out your child's wild imagination? Handcrafted from wood in Michigan, these blocks are totally safe for little hands and mouths with non-toxic dyes and inks. Four different safari animals are lovingly printed on these wooden cubes, plus this set includes four paper habitats to encourage pretend play.

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Our Green Housedino blocks

Toys Made in USA - Dino

This 9 block set features 8 dinosaurs; plus a bonus reptile, the pterodactyl. Two debossed sides feature an ancient reptile’s name, skull, and footprint. Two printed sides reveal an illustration and size. Two more sides show the time period and geographic area. Ages 2+.

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NEW - Our Green Housebumble bee toy

Organic Baby Toys Made in USA - Bumble Bee

This adorable bee toy is handmade from 100% cotton. Crocheted by hand by a creative teenage girl located in Massachusetts.

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NEW - Our Green Housecrayola crayons

Baby Gift Made in USA - Little Patriot

Our exclusive Little Patriot basket is loaded with love and impact. Save the Bees - Every purchase of this gift basket donates 5% to a charity that is helping ensure the health of pollinators like bees and butterflies. Made in the USA.

Organic Knit Bumblebee
Wooden Peace Teether
Handmade Moccasins
Organic Take Me Home Hat & Blanket Set
Cotton Rope Basket with Pom Poms

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NEW - Our Green Housecrayola

Wooden Building Blocks - Classic ABC

These classic baby blocks have stood the test of time, and it's no wonder! With letters, numbers, vibrant colors and durable construction, it's easy to see why these are a childhood favorite. Made in the USA from sustainable wood, these ABC blocks are eco-friendly and completely child safe! Would make a perfect gift for a child's second birthday!

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Our Green Housesailboat

Wooden Toy Sailboat - Made in USA Rainbow Sail Boat

Perfect for a boat race in the tub, pond or even a puddle, this wooden sailboat will bring hours of enjoyment! Watch the wind take hold of the brightly colored sails and wave bon voyage to the two removable people who go along for the ride.

Rainbow stripe or blue & white sails available

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Our Green Housetruck toy

Toys Made in USA - Wooden Toy

Your little one can start his very own tow truck service with this adorable wooden truck. The perfect gift for a child who loves and may already have a lot of toy cars. Create a whole new scenario with this great tow truck and get ready for hours of imaginative play! Crafted from smooth sanded natural wood and non-toxic paint right here in the USA! Ages 2+.

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Our Green Housestacking toys

Wooden Stacking Toy - Made in the USA

Help your child develop hand eye coordination while learning about size, shape, weight and even pattern recognition! Who knew that such a simple toy had so many developmental benefits in addition to being plain old fun! This wooden stacking toy from Camden Rose is a beautiful, safe and Eco-friendly version of one of the most popular baby/toddler toys to date. Measures 6" x 4.35".

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More USA Made Eco Friendly Toys from Earth Hero here>>>

Lehman'slehman's toys 2

USA Made Metal Kazoo

Kids love all the fun noises they make. Adults enjoy using them in string bands, jazz ensembles or kazoo choirs. Made from metal for better sound. USA Made.

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Lehman'scabin builder

Wooden Log Sets

Cozy cabins, frontier lodges, even exotic castles and chalets - there's no limit to the variety of architectural masterpieces your children can build with these wooden logs.

From $66.99
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Lehman's lehman's toys 4

Eli & Mattie Collapsible Doll Cradle

Children will love tucking their beloved dolls into this adorable toy cradle. And you'll love its clever, space-saving design! Each piece comes apart for easy storage or for taking it with you on-the-go. (Just slide the pieces back into the slots to reassemble.)

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