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Scooters and Tri-Cycles

scooter 1

Phantom Scooter

The Phantom Scooter is a perfect gift for any high-spirited youngster. Made with an ultra-durable, powder-coated steel frame, and sturdy, 16-inch nylon plastic wheels, it holds up under the toughest treatment, without bending, cracking, or breaking. Made in the U.S.A.

Colors: Blue. Red, Dark Green and Lavender

Prices: $469 - $519
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scooter 2

Fury Scooter

Kids love this Fury Scooter with a passion. With its solid construction from powder-coated steel, its 21st century design, and aluminum rim racing wheels, it will be the coolest scooter in town. With front and rear brakes included, it will also be the safest.

Colors: Blue. Red, and Dark Green
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Here's a little something you'll really like; It's a little Trike, for a little tyke, Who's a little too little to ride a bike. Much more fun than taking a hike, It's the neatest thing ever to come down the pike.

Colors: Blue, Red, John Deere Green and Pink

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scooter 4

The Fox Scooter

When it comes to strength, quality, and durability, our lightweight Fox Scooter is no lightweight. Solid construction from powder-coated steel makes it virtually indestructible, while its rear foot brake adds an extra measure of safety.

Colors: Light Blue and Red

Prices: $349 - $369
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scooter 5

The Enforcer Scooter

Get your kid started on the right foot – or the left – with our Enforcer Scooter. Its sleek style and sporty aluminum racing wheels make it eminently more appealing than sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Colors: Blue, Red and Dark green

Prices: $389 - $429
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scooter 6

The Comet Scooter

Your kid will feel like a shooting star, streaking around on this bright, bold Comet Scooter. At the same time, you'll feel confident in knowing that its powder-coated steel frame, sturdy nylon plastic wheels, and solid rubber tires, make it one of the strongest, most durable scooters available.

Colors: Blue. Red, Dark Green and Lavender

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scooter 7

Zipper Scooter

Walking is fine, but some extra zip will make their trip hip. Our Zipper Scooter will turn every ride into a fun adventure, while giving kids the exercise that they need. Constructed from powder-coated steel, with 20-inch nylon plastic wheels, and equipped with front and rear brakes, this scooter is available in four eye-catching colors.

Colors: Blue. Red, Dark Green and Lavender

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scooter 8

Alpine Scooter

With today's technology filling children's lives with an endless parade of electronic gadgets, it's nice to know that the scooter is still around – and better than ever! Our cool, colorful Alpine Scooter echoes those of simpler times, but is made with a powder-coated steel frame that's virtually indestructible.

Colors: Blue. Red, Dark Green and Lavender

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scooter 9

The Eagle Scooter

The Eagle Scooter combines good, old-fashioned fun, with today's superior safety standards. They'll love the smooth, graceful gliding motion, and the cool, contemporary design.

Colors: Light Blue and Red

SALE: $349 - $369
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Wagons and Trailers

wagon 1

Beach Wagon

As with all of our wagons, you may want to get our Beach Wagon for yourself. It comes in very handy for those trips to the neighborhood grocery store, laundromat, or beverage distributor.

Colors: Red, Blue, John Deere Green and Pink

SALE: $479.00
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This convenient Trailer attaches easily to the back of our Trike, so kids can take all of their favorite stuff with them on their journeys. Constructed from solid, decay-resistant pine, with durable rubber wheels, it can carry whatever they load into it.

Colors: Red, Blue, John Deere Green and Pink

SALE: $159.00
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wagon trailer

Wagon Trailer

There's always room for more, with our handy Trailer. When you already have a full wagon, just hook it up to the back, and you'll be able to haul a couple more kids, or more stuff.

Colors: Red, Blue, John Deere Green and Pink

SALE: $249.00
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wagon 4

Thunder Wagon

When conversation turns to memories of favorite childhood toys, almost everyone will mention a beloved wagon. With its timeless design, available in four cheerful colors, our Thunder Wagon is the toy most likely to be named in such discussions, years from now.

Colors: Red, Blue, John Deere Green and Pink

SALE $329.00
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wagon 5

Badger Wagon

Our cute little Badger Wagon is great for smaller kids. Lightweight and easy to pull and maneuver, it's also sturdy, durable, and dependable. Available in four vibrant colors, this wagon has the capacity to hold up to 350 pounds of cargo, and an unlimited number of happy memories.

SALE: $229.00
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wagon 6

John Deere Green Steel Bed Wagon

Our shiny, new Steel Bed Wagon is full of old-fashioned fun. Its winning combination of traditional style and modern steel construction make it strong, attractive, and durable. Available in two sizes, this wagon can safely hold up to 1,000 pounds, without bending or breaking.

SALE: $449 - $599
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