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Pikantyladle set

PIKANTY - Ladle Soup and Sauce set of 2 | Made in USA (Black)

PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY USE - Ladle and small sauce ladle all in one set! You'll love using these tools to prepare your favourite soups, stews, sauces, and more.

Available in Black and Teal

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Rada Cutleryrada ladle 2

Rada Cutlery Non-Scratch Ladle - Heat Resistant Soup Ladle Cooking Utensil

PERFECT FOR SERVING SOUPS – Serve homemade soups, stews, sauces, and even adult beverages with this ladle. The soup ladle measures 13 inches and has a deep bowl design, so not a drop is spilled when you’re serving.

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#1 Best Sellerinfant feeding ladle

OXO Good Grips Nylon Ladle for infant feeding

Designed especially for parents, the OXO Tot Infant Feeding Spoon is comfortable to hold whether you're sitting in front of or beside your little one. The baby-sized spoon bowl has a soft edge for scraping bits off of little faces or out of jars.

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Serving Spoons - Utensils - Spatulas

Amazonslotted spoons small

Pikanty Small Slotted Spoons 7-Inches Length Made in USA

PERFECT FOR CANNED FOOD - Small Serving Spoons are Ideal for Serving Foods Packed in Liquids. HEAT RESISTANT UP TO 212°F - Manufactured From Heat-Resistant High Quality Polycarbonate. Won't Melt in Hot or Boiling Water.

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Amazonslotted serving spoons

PIKANTY Slotted Spoons for Serving and Cooking - Made in USA

Great for Removing Food from Boiling Water or Hot Oil.
Ideal for Scooping and Draining Off Excess Liquids.
Dishwasher Safe and Perfect for Use on Non-stick Pans.
Made in USA Using Only the Highest Quality Materials.

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NEW - Debra's Kitchen8 pc untensil set

Debra's Kitchen Made in USA 8pc heat resistant Utensil Set, Teal, 13 inch

Debra's Kitchen Made in USA 8pc heat resistant kitchen Utensil set.
Set Includes Includes solid turner, slotted turner, pasta server, basting spoon, slotted spoon, strainer, ladle, and spoon rest.
Extra long for ease of use and to keep you safe. Heat resistant up to 400°F.

Can be bought separately

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serving spoons 6

EcoSmart PolyPaper Serving Spoons, White, Set of 2

EcoSmart PolyPaper Serving Spoons are durable, highly functional and easy on the environment; perfect for serving at every occasion. Made in the USA at a certified Zero-Waste facility; set of two spoons, each measures 13" long.

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Lehman'sserving 7

Lehman's Wooden Spoons and Utensils

Individually hand-crafted from solid American Hard Maple by skilled craftsmen.
Handmade in USA.

From $14.99
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Amazonserving spoons

EcoSmart PolyGlass Serving Spoons, Black, Set of 2, Recycled Plastic and Glass, Made in the USA by Architec

EcoSmart PolyPaper Serving Spoons are durable, highly functional and easy on the environment; perfect for serving at every occasion. Made in the USA at a certified zero-waste facility; set of two spoons, each measures 13" long.

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Lehman'sgriddle spatula

Restaurant-Style Stainless Steel Griddle Spatula

1000's sold for restaurants - it's the one they scrape griddles with. Solid stainless, hardwood handle, brass rivets.
Weighs over 1/2 lb (a lot for a spatula)
Blade over 1/8" thick with narrowed edges for less tearing. Made in the USA.

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All-In-One Kitchen Tool Spatula

Mixes, serves, scrapes, turns, drains, removes and chops. The secret is the special angled, slotted and sharpened working end. Some of our employees can't make a meal without using it at least once - it even accompanies food to the table.

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Lehman'spro utensils

Professional Kitchen Utensils

Ultra-tough, Durable and Beautiful, Too
Professional-grade tools tough enough for the pros, but perfectly suited for your kitchen. High-carbon, stainless steel blades will never rust. Blades are individually precision ground for added strength and durability. Made in the USA.

From $37.99
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pikanty spatula

PIKANTY Spatula Turner Set of 2 for Cooking. Great for nonstick cookware.

Ideal for Flipping Egg, Pancake and more. Made in USA
COMFORTABLE NONSLIP GRIP - The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue for easier control. For added convenience, this turner / spatula features a hanging hole on the end of the handle for easy storage and retrieval.

Available in Black and Teal

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serving 7

Rada Cutlery Serrated Server Pie Cutter Stainless Steel Resin

CUT AND SERVE DESSERTS – Home cooks and professionals agree; Rada’s pie server is one of a kind. Use this serrated pie server to cut and serve your delectable desserts to your guests. No knife is needed!

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rada spatula 2

Rada Cutlery Non-Scratch Spatula – Stainless Steel Stem

Heat Resistant Handle and Flipping Surface, 11-3/4 Inches.

LARGE COOKING SPATULA – The large non-scratch spatula is perfect when cooking with protective coated cookware as well as with stainless steel pans. It won’t scratch or damage your expensive cookware.

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grill spatula

Rada Cutlery Metal Grill Spatula

Stainless Steel Face and Aluminum Handle Made in USA, 10-1/8 Inches.

LARGE METAL SPATULA – This sturdy grill spatula can be used in and out of the kitchen. Perfect for cooking burgers, grilling or frying chicken, fish and vegetables.

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cooking spatula

Rada Cutlery Cooking Spatula

Stainless Steel Spatula With Stainless Steel Resin Handle. Made in USA.

This cooking spatula is great for cooking and serving foods. The flipping surface measures 3-3/8 x 2 inches and has an overall length of 8-3/4 inches.

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2 pack spatulas

Rada Cutlery Serving Steel Spatula Server 2 Pack

Made in The USA, 8-7/8 Inches, Stainless handle.

The server spoon has a classic design for mixing recipes or serving the finished product, the edge is sharpened slightly for scraping.

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NEWdesert serving spatulas

Rada Cutlery Kitchen Set Dessert Serving Spatulas - 2 Pack

The perfect serving Utensil – these 7. 5-Inch kitchen spatulas have an angled face and beveled edge that are ideal for effortlessly sliding under and serving treats like brownies, casseroles, sheet cakes, and lasagna. Two spatulas are included with every order. Made in the USA.

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NEWflexible spatula set

Rada Cutlery Flexible Spatula Set

PERFECT SIZES: These spatulas have a flexible head that’s ideal for scraping, a sturdy handle, and a hole for easy hanging. You’ll love them so much, we offer them in a set of two different sizes. Made in the USA.

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NEWsteel serving set

Rada Cutlery Serving Utensil Gift 2 Piece Stainless Steel

Set With Aluminum Made in the USA, Silver Handle.
This serving utensil gift set has what you need to serve up everything from cakes and pies to pizza and quiches.

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wood utensil

Earlywood 10 inch Handmade Wood Cooking Utensil for Kitchen

Multi-Purpose Wood Scraper and Egg Turner, Cast Iron Scraper and Wood Saute Spatula - Made in USA - Jatoba.

No, this wooden scraper doesn't LOOK like a regular old wooden spoon, but it does 99% of what you use a wooden spoon for and more!

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Rada 3-Tine Granny Fork

Made in a small town in Iowa, Rada knives are some of the finest on the market. Meticulously crafted one at a time, using a dozen or more steps.

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flur duster

Best Manufacturers Flour Duster

Flour duster perfect for lightly dusting flour on cooking surfaces.
Timeless tool for flouring rolling surfaces, tops of bread, pans and more. Made in the USA.

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Whisks and Mashers


Old Country Dough Whisk

This time-tested kitchen tool is a must for bakers! Unlike traditional whisks that are made with several wires, this dough whisk is designed with just two spiral wires. This allows for ingredients to pass through easily for better, quicker mixing and less clumping. And, ours is crafted locally!

From $17.99
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scandinavian whisk

Ludwig Scandinavian-Type Whipper Small Whisk Mixer (Mini Whipper) 100% Made in the USA

The Ludwig Scandinavian-Type Whipper Mini/Small Whisk (Whipper) is crafted entirely of 100% quality USA made Stainless Steel.

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french whip

Best Manufacturers Standard French Whip 10-inch

Best Manufacturers Inc., a family business, has designed and fabricated the highest quality, most sanitary professional whisks and mashers in Portland, Oregon since 1959.

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8 inch whip

Best Manufacturers Light Design French Whip 8-inch

With roots in the restaurant supply industry, Best supplies the same durable cooking tools required by the rigors of the professional kitchen to the home cook. Made in the USA.

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12 inch whip

Best Manufacturers 12-inch Heavy Duty French Wire Whisk

Heavy Duty 18/8 stainless wires for thick sauces, stiff batters, mashing, blending coarse ingredients- where a job requires muscle. Made in the USA.

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baloon whip

Best Manufacturers Inc. 1220 Whisk, Stainless Steel

The standard French whip fulfills a serious cook's requirement for the right fit with each bowl or sauce pan.
Size: 12 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches.
The perfect weight and size for each mixture. Made in the USA.

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avocado masher

Tailor Made Products Stainless Steel Potato Masher Utensil - Durable Nylon

Heat Resistant, Kitchenware, Dishwasher Safe - Made in the USA - Prussian Blue. Made in the USA.

MADE FROM THE STRONGEST MATERIALS - The perfect assistant to meet your needs from a potato masher, this utensil is made from a combination of stainless steel and durable nylon ensuring it is built to last. This is a must-have for any kitchen.

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potato masher

Lamson Grandma's Mini Masher with Riveted Walnut Handle

Simple vintage kitchen gadgets that combine nostalgia and practical design Hardened and tempered with high-carbon stainless steel.
Made in the USA.

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Lehman'sflur duster

Stainless Steel Potato Masher

Nothing beats the taste of real mashed potatoes, made by hand the old-fashioned way. To get the best consistency (light and fluffy, yet still slightly chunky) you need a sturdy, well-designed tool. USA Made.

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Ice Cream Scoops

serving scoop 9

Zeroll 1012 Original Ice Cream Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle

Simple One Piece Aluminum Design Easy Release 24 Scoops per Gallon Made in USA, 3-Ounce, Silver.

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ice crem scoop  10

Zeroll Zerolon Hardcoat Anodized Commercial Ice Cream Scoop

Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle Easy Release Made in USA, 1-Ounce, Black.
Zeroll has been the ice cream scoop of choice in homes and ice cream parlors since 1935.

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ice cream scoop 3

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop Made in USA, 1.5-Ounce, Silver

ICE CREAM SCOOP QUALITY Offering great quality Zeroll has been the ice cream scoop of choice in homes and ice cream parlors since 1935 This handy kitchen tool carves out plump round scoops of ice cream

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zoroll 1010

Zeroll 1020 with Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle

Simple One Piece Aluminum Design Easy Release 20 Scoops per Gallon Made in USA, 2-Ounce, Silver.

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commercial ice cream scoop

Zeroll Original Tubmate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade for Leveling Tubs Packing and Hand-Mixing

Self-defrosting Fluid-Filled Handle Longer-Lasting Thicker Blade Made in USA, 9-Inch, Silver.
The unique heat-conductive liquid in the handle uses the natural warmth of your hand to make for smooth and effortless scooping and easy release. Made in the USA.

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Zeroll 1016 Original Ice Cream Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle

Simple One Piece Aluminum Design Easy Release 32 Scoops per Gallon Made in USA, 2.5-Ounce, Silver.

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