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We created USA Made Referral Store to showcase USA manufacturers and help promote their products. OUR MISSION is to help people find trustable100% USA Made products.

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Kitchen Items:
Blenders and Mixers | Cookware and Bakeware | Kitchen Knives | Counter Top Clean Water Machines | Cutting Boards | Mugs | Glass | Other Kitchen Accessories

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Cookware and Bakeware

360 cookware
360 cookware
Proudly handcrafted in America, West Bend, Wisconsin

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360 Cookware is unlike any cookware you’ve ever experienced. This energy efficient cooking system moves beyond traditional cooking and captures the magic of Vapor® Technology to heat your food quicker, at lower temperatures and without added fat or excess water, ensuring recipes stay nutritious, flavorful and appetizing.
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360 cookware slowcooker

2.3 Quart Slow Cooker Set

Our stainless steel cookware is made with T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless steel, so it's built to last. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects, so you can enjoy the energy saving benefits of green cooking and better-tasting food for many generations.

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slow cooker
360 cookware flatware

360 Kitchen Cutter

Make food prep easy with the 360 Kitchen Cutter! This stainless steel utensil chops, grates and slices vegetables, fruits, cheeses and more so that you don't have to spend extra time preparing your food to cook. The 360 Kitchen Cutter includes 5 "cones" each with their own style of cutting. Cones are easily changed for fast, continuous processing of different foods. The suction base holds tight to any non-porous surface and remains steady for easy operation.

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kitchen cutter
360 cookware flatware

360 Bakeware

360 Bakeware works like magic! Multi-layer construction provides even-heating across the entire surface. Your baking times will be reduced.

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Stockpots with Cover

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Saucepans with Cover

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Fry Pans

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