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Lehman'schicken cooker

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Chicken Cooker

No need to drag out the grill - roast tender, savory chicken right in the oven. Fill center reservoir with beer or other liquid, then place whole chicken on top and roast for flavorful, tender meat.

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Lehman'smixing bowl

12" Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Mixing Bowl

These days, it's a tall order to find high-quality pottery crafted here in the USA. This bowl will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation - and that's the kind of quality that can't be bought in a big department store.
Hand-turned in Texas.

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Lehman's3 bowls

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Batter Bowls

Grace your kitchen with true quality, made right here in America. These days, it's a tall order to find good, sturdy USA-made pottery. That's why we're so pleased to offer you these beautiful pieces. They may have an "antique-store" look and feel, but they're perfectly suited to today's modern kitchens.

From $29.95
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Lehman'sblue stripe bowl

10" Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Mixing Bowl

These days, it's a tall order to find high-quality pottery crafted here in the USA. This bowl will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation - and that's the kind of quality that can't be bought in a big department store.
Hand-turned in Texas.

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Lehman'sshoulder bowls

USA-Made Stoneware Shoulder Bowls

Similar bowls are often seen in antique stores, because that's how long they last. We found an Ohio company still making these durable kitchen bowls. They're the ideal size and weight for mixing, baking and serving almost anything. Two wide dark blue stripes give them a touch of decoration that complements any kitchen, from old-fashioned to modern.

From $25.99
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Lehman'scover bowl

Covered Casserole Dish

It's a dish you'll be proud to display and use. Gorgeous stoneware is made in Ohio for solid quality and countless meals. Perfect for baking delicious casseroles and hearty side dishes.

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Lehman'sbowl with top 2

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Ramekin with Lid

Beautifully Hand-Thrown for True Quality Made one at time on an old-fashioned pottery wheel, this gleaming ramekin is tried-and-true and ready to help out in the kitchen. Make individual desserts like mini cobblers and soufflés or serve individual-sized meals like mini chicken pot pies and soups. Guests will love its charming, antique look. And you'll love knowing you have a quality piece made in the USA!

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Lehman'sbaking bowl

Dominion Bread Baker

Make Artisan Bread Right at Home!
This attractive stoneware bread baker creates the steam that's needed for crunchy, chewy crusts while bread stays moist and soft. Not only will you get a better crust and delicious results, its vintage-like design will look great in your kitchen - in use or on display!

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Lehman'sbig bowl

16" Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Mixing Bowl

These days, it's a tall order to find high-quality pottery crafted here in the USA. This bowl will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation - and that's the kind of quality that can't be bought in a big department store.

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Lehman'scoffe cup

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Round Mug

The Mug You'll Reach for, Over and Over There are plenty of coffee mugs out there, but few that are as gorgeously made as this one. Pick it up and you'll immediately feel how solid it is. What's its secret? It's made the good old-fashioned way, by hand.
Holds about 12 fl oz*.

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Lehman'scup 2

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Barrel Mug

Coffee, cocoa or tea - this mug holds plenty of your beverage of choice. Pick it up and you'll immediately feel how solid it is. The difference? It's made by hand.
Holds about 16 fl oz*.

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Lehman'scup 3

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware Traditional Mug

This mug is built for early mornings and that needed cup of joe. Hold it in your hand, you'll immediately feel how solid it is. The difference? It's made by hand.
Holds about 12 fl oz*.

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Baking Supplies

Lehman'sbatter bowl

Glass Batter Bowl with Lid

Mix it, stir it, pour it, store it. The ultimate container for mixing batters, sauces, dough, marinades, casseroles, salads - and doubles as two quart measuring cup. A true essential for any cook. USA made by a 100-year-old Ohio company

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Lehman'smeasuring jar

Glass Measuring Jar

Glass Measuring Jar: USA Made!
Delight bakers and home cooks with this beautifully-made measuring jar. Made of gleaming glass, it measures both ounces and quarter cups (up to one cup). Looks great on any countertop!

From $26.99
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Lehman'smeasuring cups

Bundt Measuring Cups

Add the right amount of ingredients every time. Proudly made in America, Bundt® measuring cups give you accurate measuring for all your recipes.

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Bundt Measuring Spoons

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Lehman'sovn liner

Nonstick Oven Liner

Never scrub baked-on messes in the bottom of your oven again! Simply place this non-stick mat on the bottom wire rack of an electric or gas oven. It catches messy splatters and spillovers so you can easily wipe them away. Even burnt, baked-on foods clean up quickly.

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Lehman'ssquare cake pan

Square Cake Pan

Bake well with a pan that's made for the task. The difference is its pure aluminum construction which gives you superior heat conductivity. This means evenly browned cakes and food, every time. Plus, it comes with a plastic lid, so storage and transport are a piece of cake!

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Lehman'sbaking pan

Heritage Blue Stripe Stoneware 8" Pie Pan

Timeless Beauty, Better Baking Hand-thrown pie pan absorbs heat well for delicious results. Glazed finish for a smooth, non-stick surface. USA made in Texas.

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Lehman'spie plate

Essential Glass Pie Plate

Apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry - bake all your family's favorite pies in this durable glass plate. It's one of those reliable kitchen tools you don't think much about, but can hardly do without. Clear glass bakes more uniformly than metal pans and also makes a more attractive display at holiday parties and potlucks.

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Lehman'spie cutter

Pie Top Cutter

Make Your Pie Stand Out
Pie cutter helps you to create gorgeous designs. So easy to use, just roll out dough and press cutter onto dough. Cherries design on one side and stars on the other.


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Lehman's kake stand

Glass Cake Stand – 10"

Create a stunning display for your desserts. This elegant glass cake stand will add a special touch to a big day or celebration with its gleaming white glass and its simple, classic design. Just place your cake, cupcakes or other dessert right on top.

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Lehman'scake keeper

Deluxe Bundt Cake Keeper

This keeper helps keep your homemade bundt cake fresh and delicious. Makes transporting and storing simple!

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Lehman's kake top

Glass Cake Dome

Keep your cakes and desserts fresh with this tried-and-true cake dome. Essential for any homemade baker, it's made of clear hand-pressed glass for a stunning quality.

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Lehman'scookie sheet

Magnum Cookie Sheet

More cookies in less time. What's not to love about that? When it comes to sheer volume, it's hard to beat our heavy-duty, giant-sized cookie sheet - our product testers baked 3 dozen cookies at once.

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Lehman's bread pan

Hearth Bread Pan

Professional-grade, kitchen-friendly bakeware, manufactured to the highest standards right here in America. Unique corrugated design prevents dents and damage from everyday use, allows air to flow around bread while baking and makes releasing food from the pans a snap.

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Lehman'sbaking pan

The Big Baking Pan

Tired of messy pans and half-crumbled baked goods? Try the Big Baking Pan. This natural aluminum pan features a premium gold nonstick interior, so baked goods are easy to remove (and the pan is easy to clean too!).

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360 Cooware360 cookware flatware

360 Bakeware

360 Bakeware works like magic! Multi-layer construction provides even-heating across the entire surface. Your baking times will be reduced.

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Check ALL Bakeware here

Lehman'smixing bowls 3

Glass Mixing Bowls - Set of 3

A good set of mixing bowls is a must for every baker and home cook, so choose tried-and-true quality. These gleaming bowls are not only versatile, but they're well crafted thanks to a family business in Ohio. Each glass piece they make is hand-pressed!

From $58.99
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Lehman'ssteel bowls

Stainless Steel Bowl

Can't rust or break.
Made of 18/8 gauge stainless steel.
Sized perfectly for mixing bread dough, a batch of cookies, or for serving that late night snack.

From $29.99
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Lehman'scookie carries

Reversible Cake and Cupcake Carrier

Serve, store and transport all kinds of bake goods. Flat side accommodates rectangular cakes and mini cakes. Reverse side features 12 cupcake holders.

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Lehman'sbaking pan 7

Heritage Bundt Pan

Heritage Bundt Pan for Elegant Cakes
Create an impressive dessert with this specially-designed Bunt® pan. It features a classic swirl design for an eye-catching effect.

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Lehman'sround baking pan

Round Casserole Baking Dish with Cover - 2 Qt

A good baking dish is an essential for any cook, and this clear glass version is the perfect addition. Bake your favorites, then serve right of the dish. It even comes with a glass cover to keep food warm and to store leftovers.

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Lehman'srolling pin 1

10" Traditional Maple Rolling Pins

A good rolling pin must be well-balanced and sturdy, able to conquer a lifetime of pie and pastry crusts, cut-out cookies and pizza dough. This one is made to outlast many others. Crafted with the same strength and precision used in making professional drumsticks, our artisan-quality rolling pin brings the beauty of solid rock maple to your kitchen. Not only functional, it's also a joy to use.

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12" Traditional Maple Rolling Pins
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15" Traditional Maple Rolling Pins
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Old Country Dough Whisk

This time-tested kitchen tool is a must for bakers! Unlike traditional whisks that are made with several wires, this dough whisk is designed with just two spiral wires. This allows for ingredients to pass through easily for better, quicker mixing and less clumping. And, ours is crafted locally!

From $15.99
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Scrape up every last delicious morsel from your Blendtec jar. The extra length and unique shape are specifically designed to use with WildSide+® and FourSide™ jars. You’ll fall in love with the Spoonula's built-in spoon rest, curved handle, and durable, heat-resistant silicone head.

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You’ll fall in love with the Spectacula's unique features, including the built-in spoon rest, curved handle, and heat-resistant silicone head.

Specifically shaped for use with the Twister™ jar
Silicone head resists heat up to 500°F
Built-in spoon rest 13" long

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wooden kitchen tools

Lehman's Wooden Spoons and Utensils

Individually hand-crafted from solid American Hard Maple by skilled craftsmen.
Chose from 13 different varieties.

From $8.99
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All-In-One Kitchen Tool Spatula

Mixes, serves, scrapes, turns, drains, removes and chops. The secret is the special angled, slotted and sharpened working end. Some of our employees can't make a meal without using it at least once - it even accompanies food to the table.

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