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Located in Kidron, OHIO
Lehman's stands for a simpler life. Wherever you are on your journey to a simpler life, we can help you take the next steps.
Family owned and operated since 1955, Lehman's is here to help you live a simpler life. City or country, rural or urban, we can help you build a better future, one that values personal connections, integrity and tradition. You'll find our retail in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country at our Kidron store, where our story began.

Check for "USA Made" label since some products are not made in America.

hoe 1

Furrowing Hoe

This hoe is one of the best row-makers and precision weeders we've found. Its razor-sharp, arrowhead-shaped blade makes defined furrows for planting and enables you to weed around small, tender seedlings and plants without damaging them (and without having to get on your hands and knees). Blade is set at a 70o angle to cut parallel to the ground as you stand upright. A vital tool in the early stages of your garden, and very useful all season long.

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garden tool 2

Heirloom Hand Fork

Weed and Cultivate with Ease Super strong and made here in the USA, this traditional hand fork is great for weeding and cultivating soil. Quality stainless steel with ergonomic wooden handles for a comfortable, classic look.

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Angle Weeder

Unique hooked shape makes it easy to work around established plants.

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garden tool 4

Soil Scoop Garden Tool

Why carry a bucketful of tools? A versatile, ergonomic design makes the Soil Scoop a true multi-tasker in the garden.

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garden tool 5

Heirloom Weeding Finger

Easy Weeding in Tight Spaces
Super strong and made here in the USA, this traditional weeding finger is great for weeding around rocks and tight spaces. Quality stainless steel with ergonomic wooden handles for a comfortable, classic look.

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garden tools 6

Sickle Bar Tooth Cultivator

A local Amish farmer was tired of garden tools that just weren't "cutting it," so he fashioned a new cultivator using a sickle bar tooth.

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garden tool 10

Wilcox Stainless 13" Weeder

Pointed and sharpened V-end digs out dandelions and other taproots with ease.

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garden tool 11

Wilcox Stainless 12" Garden Trowel

Nearly indestructible, this small trowel has a pointed blade to cut through hard packed soil. It's also great for transplanting.

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garden tool 12

Super Garden Fork

Prepare beds for planting, break up hard, rocky soil and spade new ground - all with one heavy-duty tool. All-steel construction means more strength and more power behind every move you make.

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garden tool 7

Amish-Made Garden Hoe

This Amish-made tool is the best garden hoe you'll find. High quality, sharp, durable and long lasting. Use the sharp edge for weeding and the broad edge for moving soil in your garden. Lightweight blade formed from high carbon Swedish steel. Check out our reviews and learn why this is the best garden hoe on the market.

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garden tool 8

Push-Pull Hoe

Pull ahead of those ever growing weeds. Using a push and pull motion, the sharp, serrated edges of the "v" blade helps you to cut down weeds easier than a traditional hoe. For this reason, the push pull hoe is perfect for cultivating gardens. Use the point to dig out those deeply rooted weeds.

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garden tool 9

Steel Broadfork

Our steel broadfork features five angled tines that are sharp and go through the dirt easier with less effort. And with a dig depth of over 10", it beats hoes, cultivators and rakes, and is the best way to loosen garden soil.

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garden tool 13

Lehman's Own Hand Rotary Cultivator

We worked with local Amish craftsmen to redesign this outstanding hand rotary cultivator, which we've carried for years. It's still the easiest way to rid your garden of weeds - and now it's even better than ever! Add this hand-powered, efficient and old-fashioned garden tool to your garage or shed and be ready to be impressed.

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Look for "USA Made" label
kids garden tools

Real Gardening Tools for Children

Unlike "play" tools, these tools are built so youngsters can really dig, rake and actually use. Made of the same materials used in adult tools, they're durable, yet the perfect size for children. So they can help, play or explore in the garden and the yard. Ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

From $16.99
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nut wizard tool

Nut Wizard Tools

All our testers raved about them, and we think you will, too. Clear your yard and property of messy nuts and seeds. Just push the Nut Wizard® around your yard with its wooden handle. When the basket is full, simply place it over a bucket and gently dispense the items using the unloader (included).

From $66.99
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cultivator 2

E-Z Till Garden Cultivator

Its low center of gravity and small-wheel design makes it smooth to push and easy to maneuver between rows and around tender plants. The result? Your tilling, weeding and cultivating jobs are faster, more thorough and more efficient. Our solidly built cultivator provides vital weed control and cultivation many times faster than with hand tools, making it ideal for large garden plots and even small-scale farming.

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compost crank

Compost Crank

Just Crank and Lift for Better Compost

It's an easy way to mix your compost bin! Compost needs oxygen, and this lightweight crank does the job. Each has a stainless steel spiral end, so material sticks to it as you lift for thorough mixing.

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compost crank twist

Compost Crank Twist

Just Twist and Lift for Better Compost

It's an easy way to mix your compost bin! Compost needs oxygen, and this lightweight crank does the job. Each has a stainless steel spiral end, so material sticks to it as you lift for thorough mixing.

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garden tool sharpener

Garden Tool Sharpener

Keep your garden tools and reel mower blades sharp as new with this handy tool. Sharpens single-edged tools such as hoes, pruning shears, scythes and shovels too.

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minnesota made shovel

The Blue Viper Conduit/Trenching Shovel

A Faster, Cleaner Way to Dig

Need to dig a trench? Here's a faster, cleaner solution. Thanks to its narrow design, the Blue Viper Shovel is perfect for installing and burying conduit, wires, piping or for drainage. You can even control the depth of the trench. Just adjust the unique depth control pin, so you can dig to a uniform depth (4", 8", 12", or 16").

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tomato rings

Clipper USA 19" Reel Lawn Mower

If a prize were given for the all-around "cream of the crop" of reel mowers, this one would roll smoothly away with the blue ribbon. Its rock-solid, brawny build and meticulous details give you the practicality of old-time reel mowers but with the fine features of a luxury car. Comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and all the quality you expect when you know it's USA made.

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burlap bags

Burlap Bags

Strong, genuine burlap bags, made of 100 percent natural fibers. Use for feed storage, growing plants or for a fun, old-fashioned sack race.
Set of 3

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garden dibble

Garden Dibble

Used by farmers for centuries, this garden dibble is still a simple, effective way for planting seeds, seedlings and bulbs. Its sharp point digs into the ground to make a hole. One inch markings for exact planting depth (up to 6 inches).

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tomato rings

Tomato Rings (Pack of 6)

Turn Any Stake into a Tomato Cage for Double the Support

Just slip galvanized steel rings over a round or square stake (you supply). Use several on a stake for more support; resin clamps keep them secure. Disassembles for compact storage.

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Rugged Steel-Tine Rake

Our rake is so good, you'll never use a different one. The secret is the unbreakable tempered spring steel tines that resist permanent bending. This rake is used by state parks to keep the grounds tidy and by the U.S. Forestry Service to put out forest fires. It out-performs and outlasts plastic and other metal rakes.

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Earth Easycultivator and weeder

CobraHead Precision Weeder and Cultivator

The CobraHead® Precision Weeder and Cultivator is the closest thing to a universal garden tool. Its sharp blade is like a steel fingernail that becomes an extension of your hand.

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Earth Easymini cultivator

CobraHead Mini Weeder and Cultivator

The CobraHead Mini Weeder & Cultivator easily removes weeds right down to the deep tap roots. Its sharp blade is like a steel claw that becomes an extension of your hand.

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bully tools

Bully Tools is a manufacturer of the finest exclusively 100% Made In The USA tools. Our extensive product line consists of the highest quality lawn and garden tools, shovels, rakes, snow scoops, shingle removers, floor scrapers, and many other specialty tools to handle the toughest jobs.
We operate our own manufacturing facilities in Steubenville, Ohio.
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