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Heirloom / Organic Herb Seeds

Eden Brothers
Located in Arden, NC
Arden Brothers sells the finest and freshest seeds and bulbs in the industry. All we sell is 100% pure seed: no additives, no fillers…EVER! Eden Brothers is a supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge and only works with growers who share the same stance against Genetically Modified seeds. When buying from us, you can rest assured that the seeds you are purchasing are fresh, 100% pure, high germination, GMO-Free Seeds. Always.
Basil Seeds (Organic) - Genovese, Herb See...

GenoveseBasil (Organic) Seeds Though its name and its reputation are as Italian as it g... [More]

Price: $4.50
Catnip Seeds (Organic), Herb Seeds, Eden B...

Grow Heirloom Catnip - Plant Catnip Seeds Catnip - also called iCatmint or iTrue Catnip... [More]

Price: $5.25
Cilantro/Coriander Seeds, Herb Seeds, Eden...

Perhaps the most versatile of all the culinary herbs, Coriander (Cilantro) can be used ... [More]

Price: $2.95

Dill Seeds - Bouquet (Common), Herb Seeds,...

Dill (Bouquet) Seeds - Bouquet Dill Seed Bouquet Dill is an excellent accompaniment to ... [More]

Price: $2.95
Fennel Seeds (Organic) - Florence, Herb Se...

Grow Organic & Heirloom Fennel - Plant Organic Florence Fennel Seeds Organic Florence F... [More]

Price: $4.50
Lavender Seeds, Herb Seeds, Eden Brothers

Lavender SeedsOf all the scores of different lavenders, this one Lavandula angustifolia... [More]

Price: $3.95

Lemon Balm Seeds, Herb Seeds, Eden Brothers

Lemon BalmSeeds - Melissa officinalis Lemon Balm is a long - cultivated culinary herb t... [More]

Price: $3.95
Oregano Seeds (Organic) Italian, Herb Seed...

Organic Italian Oregano | Oregano Seeds (Organic) Italian, Herb Seeds, Eden Brothers [More]

Price: $5.70
Parsley Seeds (Organic) - Italian, Herb Se...

Organic Italian Parsley typically has a denser coloring and richer flavor than its curl... [More]

Price: $4.50

Sage Seeds (Organic), Herb Seeds, Eden Bro...

Organic Sage Seeds - Sage Broadleaf Seed Organic Sage Seeds also called iOrganic Broadl... [More]

Price: $6.50
Spearmint Seeds, Herb Seeds, Eden Brothers

Spearmint Seeds Easy to grow and quite ubiquitous across the Northern Hemisphere, Spear... [More]

Price: $6.50
Thyme Seeds (Organic), Herb Seeds, Eden Br...

Grow Organic Thyme - Plant Organic Thyme Seeds A small and dainty herb, Thyme is one of... [More]

Price: $6.50

Flower Seeds

Eden Brothers
Located in Arden, NC

Save on Seeds
California Dreaming - California Poppy Flo...

Despite their name, California Poppies thrive just about everywhere not just in the Gol... [More]

Price: $15.95
Sunflower Seeds - Formula Mix, Yellow/Oran...

Sunflower Seeds - Formula Mix A great, all - around mix of long lasting, sturdy blooms.... [More]

Price: $2.95
Daisy Seeds - Creeping Daisy, Yellow/White...

Daisy Seeds - Creeping DaisyThe best kind of creeper to have! ! Creeping daisies form a... [More]

Price: $3.50

Baby Blue Eyes Seeds, Blue/White, Flower S...

Baby Blue Eyes Seeds - Nemophila menziesiiBaby Blue Eyes are hardy annual flower Seeds ... [More]

Price: $3.50
French Marigold Seeds - Harmony, Yellow/Re...

French Marigold Seeds - Harmony This extra dwarf variety of the ever popular French Mar... [More]

Price: $3.50
Zinnia Seeds - Dahlia Flowered, Pink/Yello...

Dahlia Flowered Zinnia Seed Mix - Zinnia elegansThis is a real Heirloom Zinnia! Develop... [More]

Price: $2.95

Calendula Seeds - Pacific Beauty Mix, Oran...

Calendula Seeds - "Pot Marigold" SeedA non - stop Heirloom favorite, Calendula has long... [More]

Price: $2.95
Canterbury Bells Seeds - Mixed, Purple/Whi...

Canterbury Bells Seeds - Mixed A cottage garden staple for centuries, Canterbury Bells ... [More]

Price: $3.75
Delphinium Seeds - Blue Mix, Blue, Flower ...

Delphinium (Larkspur) Seeds - Blue Mix Excellent for border plantings, as well as cut f... [More]

Price: $4.95

Forget Me Not Seeds - Blue, Blue, Flower S...

Forget - Me - Not Seeds - Forget - Me - Nots (Blue) This one is the true blue Forget Me... [More]

Price: $3.50
Russell Lupine Seeds - Minarette Dwarf, Pi...

Lupine Seeds - Russell Strain - Minarette Dwarf Mix Lupine are a wildflower classic, gr... [More]

Price: $3.50
Strawflower Seeds - Bright Rose, Pink/Whit...

Strawflower Seeds - Bright Rose Easy to grow from Seeds, Strawflower plants produce a b... [More]

Price: $3.95

Heirloom Flower Seed Mix, Mixed, Eden Brot...

Check out this mix of our 25 best selling Heirloom flower varieties to see what all the... [More]

Price: $12.95
Late Bloomer - Fall Blooming Wildflower Se...

Late Bloomer - Fall Blooming Wildflower This mix is absolutely jammed with as many late... [More]

Price: $12.95
Southeast Wildflower Seed Mix, Mixed, Eden...

The Southeast Wildflower Seed Mix is a must - have for gardeners in the southeastern Un... [More]

Price: $12.95

Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix, Mixed, Eden...

Our Southwest Wildflower Mix contains a rich blend of 24 annual and perennial favorites... [More]

Price: $12.95
Field of Dreams - Red, White Blue Flower S...

Field of Dreams Flower Seed Mix If you love all things patriotic, this is the mix for y... [More]

Price: $14.95
Sunset Mix - Orange, Yellow White Flower S...

Sunset Mix - Orange, Yellow White Flower Seed Mix. A blend of yellows, golds, and white... [More]

Price: $13.95


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