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Located in Arden, NC
Eden Brothers sells the finest and freshest seeds and bulbs in the industry. All we sell is 100% pure seed: no additives, no fillers…EVER! Eden Brothers is a supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge and only works with growers who share the same stance against Genetically Modified seeds.
When buying from us, you can rest assured that the seeds you are purchasing are fresh, 100% pure, high germination, GMO-Free Seeds. Always.


pompon dahlia

Dahlia Bulbs (Pompon) - Moor Place

A stunning dark purple pompon, Moor Place Dahlias produce a prolific display of the most charming cake pop style blooms.

From $22.09
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vintage dalia

Dahlia Bulbs - Vintage Violet Mix

Elegant and magestic, our Vintage Violet Dahlia Mix brings the most classic, regal shades together to form one of our most resplendent mixes. Let us do the prep work for you—we have put together the most choice tubers that will fill your garden with a truly vintage look.

From $51.49
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ginger spice mix

Dahlia Bulbs - Ginger Spice Mix

Salmon, apricot, tangerine, pumpkin, cantaloupe,! Any way we slice it, all the dahlias in our Ginger Spice Mix boast a shade on this hot and youthful spectrum.

From $52.49
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Peony Roots (Spring-Planted) - Romantic Mi...

Peony - Romantic Mix With the gentle pink and white color combination of this mix, its ... [More]

3 roots

Geranium Roots - Purple Cranesbill - 3 Roo...

Purple Cranesbill Geraniums have rich violet-blue, heavily veined flowers atop lobed fo... [More]

Price: $26.29

Asiatic Lily Bulbs - Tango Mix - 5 Bulbs /...

The colors in the Tango Mix are enough to make you want to dance! Not only that, but th... [More]

Price: $18.89

anemone 1
Anemone Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - De Caen W...

Anemone Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - De Caen White - 20 Bulbs, White, Eden Brothers [More]

From $30.49
anemone 2
Anemone Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Pink & Bl...

Anemone Bulbs - Pink & Blue Mix The large, poppy - like flowers of this De Caen Pink & ... [More]

From $30.49
anemone 3
Anemone De Caen Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Blue & White Mix

Anemone De Caen Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Blue White Mix, Mixed, Bag of 20, Eden Brothers [More]

From $30.49

Dahlia Bulbs - Sunset Mix - 5 Bulbs, Mixed...

Enjoy a mini sunset in your yard with this spectacular mix of some of our most beautifu... [More]

Price: $47.29
Dahlia Bulbs - Tender Mix - 5 Bulbs, Mixed...

Our Tender Mix is a union of pink, lilac, and coral peony and anemone dahlias. Plant th... [More]

Price: $47.29
Dahlia Bulbs (Ball & Dinnerplate) - Swing ...

Our Swing Dance Mix will have you doing spins and flips! Rich, lively shades of berry w... [More]

Price: $47.29

Dahlia Bulbs (Ball & Decorative) - Old Ros...

There's nothing old about the Old Rose Mix. Beautiful shades of reds, oranges, and pink... [More]

Price: $47.29
90 Days of Dahlias - Long Lasting Mix - 6 ...

A whole summer of blooms! Our "90 Days of Dahlias" Mix offers just that! 3 months of co... [More]

Price: $53.59
Dahlia Bulbs - Pink & Purple Mix - 5 Bulbs...

Lovely Dahlias in everyone's favorite, traditional colors-Pink & Purple! A lively and v... [More]

Price: $47.29

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Gladiolus Flower Bulbs - Butterfly Mix - 2...

Grow Gladiola Flower Bulbs - Plant Gladiolus Butterfly MixBeautifully ruffled petals re... [More]

Price: $19.99
Gladiolus Flower Bulbs - Green & White Mix...

Grow Gladiola Flower Bulbs - Plant Gladiolus Green & White MixThe Green & White gladiol... [More]

Price: $17.89
Gladiolus Flower Bulbs - Monet's Garden Mi...

Grow Gladiola Flower Bulbs - Plant Gladiolus Monet's Garden MixIf you've ever seen Mone... [More]

Price: $17.89

Calla Lily Bulbs - Mixed - 5 Bulbs, Eden B...

Add striking, bright colors throughout your garden with easy to grow Calla Lilies. This... [More]

Price: $36.79
Crocosmia Bulbs - Lucifer - 20 Bulbs, Red,...

One of the most popular varieties of Crocosmia, Lucifer will produce beautiful bright r... [More]

Price: $26.29
60 Days of Lilies (Spring-Planted) - Long ...

Imagine a whole season of bloom, in one convenient mix! If you love Lilies, this mix is... [More]

10 Bulbs

Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Super ...

Super Green Mix Ranunculus Bulbs - Ranunculus Wow! These ranunculus are incredibly fun ... [More]

Price: $30.49
Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolo...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolote Mix - 20 Bulbs, Mixed, Eden Brothers [More]

Price: $30.49
Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolo...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolote White - 20 Bulbs, White, Eden Brothers [More]

Price: $30.49

Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolo...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Tecolote Red - 20 Bulbs, Red, Eden Brothers [More]

Price: $30.49

Ranunculus Bulbs - Pink Confetti Mix - 20 ...

Ranunculus is a cool-season perennial with multilayered blooms. These flowers have deli... [More]

Price: $30.49
Ranunculus Bulbs (Spring-Planted) - Bridal...

Looking to add some delicate blooms to your planting space? Ranunculus bulbs grow to ab... [More]

Price: $28.29

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Begonia Tubers - Roseform Mix - 5 Tubers, ...

Our best selling Roseform begonias in one beautiful collection. If you are looking for ... [More]

Price: $22.09
Begonia Tubers - Picotee Mix - 5 Tubers, M...

Our best selling Picotee begonias in one beautiful collection. If you are looking for b... [More]

Price: $16.79
Begonia Tubers (Roseform) - Apricot - 3 Tu...

The Roseform Apricot is perhaps the best known of all the Roseform Begonias. Looks like... [More]

Price: $15.79

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Peony Roots (Spring-Planted) - Coral Bouqu...

Peony Roots (Spring-Planted) - Coral Bouquet Mix - 3 Roots, Mixed, Eden Brothers [More]

3 Roots
Peony Roots - Raspberry Sundae - 2 Roots, ...

As beautiful in the garden as it is in flower arrangements, this lovely peony will prod... [More]

Price: $16.79
Peony Roots (Spring-Planted) - Shirley Temple, Pink...

Named after one of America's most famous child actors, the spring - plant Shirley Templ... [More]

2 Roots

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FALL PLANTED Bulbs & Perennials


NEWtriumph tulip

Tulip Bulbs - Triumph Mix

Classic blooms, yes. Unreal size and color? Absolutely! This Triumph Mix includes the largest tulips commercially available. Plant them in a large space for full impact and wow-factor.

$4.74 10 bulbs
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NEWred tulip

Tulip Bulbs - Red Impression

Beautiful dark red tulips, Red Impression produces giant flowers that are among the most weather resistant of all garden tulips. Red Impression has exceptional perennial qualities and will produce many lovely flowers year after year.

$4.74 10 bulbs
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NEWlong lasting tulip

60 Days of Tulips - Long Lasting Mix

You'll have the longest-lasting tulips in the neighborhood. Imagine a whole season of bloom, in one convenient mix! If you love bright, colorful Tulips, this mix is for you! Easy to plant and carefree, this tulip mix, made of more than 40 varieties, will provide beautiful flowers for 2 or more months.

$9.45 25 bulbs
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NEWyellow tulip

Tulip Bulbs - Golden Parade

The Golden Parade Tulip blooms are pale butter yellow on the outside and deeper yellow with a black heart on the inside. It blooms mid-season on stems 20-22 inches tall. One of the most popular yellow tulips!

$5.04 10 bulbs
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NEWtulip and muscari

Tulip & Muscari Collection

Planting our Tulip and Muscari Collection results in an artistic display of colors and shapes working together, allowing each to complement the other. The small, delicate muscari flowers create a backdrop for the larger, showy tulip blooms, highlighting their beauty and making them stand out even more.

$6.30 15 bulbs
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NEWapricot parrot

Tulip Bulbs - Apricot Parrot

With a luscious blend of apricot, salmon, green and creamy white, this tulip bulb is not one to miss! These parrot-type tulips have a lovely, light scent and are an excellent addition to almost any planting area.

$6.30 10 bulbs
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MANY MORE (70 tulip bulb varieties) from Eden Brothers here>>>

ammaryllis exotic star

Amaryllis Bulbs - Exotic Star

The most famous of the exotic Amaryllis. With its large, bright-lime green and dark red veins, it creates a unique pattern on each petal. This rare variety is slow-growing, producing 2-3 dramatic and lovely blooms per stem, but it’s well worth the wait.

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sweet nynph amaryllis

Amaryllis Bulbs - Sweet Nymph

Beautifully elegant, Amaryllis Sweet Nymph displays flower blooms that are large, trumpet-shaped and in delicate shades of pink and white. Blooms are supported by strong, sturdy stems that can grow up to 24 inches in height.

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Amaryllis Bulbs - Cherry Nymph - 1 Bulb, R...

Brighten up your winter months with these easy-to-grow bulbs! Cherry Nymph features bri... [More]

Price: $7.56

red peony
Peony Roots (Fall-Planted) - Red Charm, Re...

Peony - Red Charm If you are looking for a real knockout for your garden, this is the p... [More]

From: $17.89
2 roots
Lily Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Apricot Fudge,...

Lily Bulbs - Apricot Fudge Apricot Fudge Lilies are reminiscent of a rose with brown - ... [More]

From $7.89
Siberian Iris Roots (Fall-Planted) - Silve...

Siberian Iris - Silver Edge Named for the silver edge on the outline of each petal, the... [More]

From $4.11
2 roots

NEWtulip and daffodil

Tulip & Daffodil Bulbs - Peach Lemonade Collection

Peach Lemonade Collection—what a delightful name for such a refreshing mix of white and salmon colored blooms. An assortment of white tulips along with peach and salmon colored daffodils will bloom during various times during the spring to bring you continuous color throughout the season.

From $5.37
10 Bulbs
Daffodil Bulbs (Trumpet) - Dutch Master, Y...

The undisputed king of all yellow daffodils, the Dutch Master daffodil is a must in any... [More]

From $4.74
10 Bulbs
*Jumbo* Daffodil Bulbs (Trumpet) - Dutch M...

The undisputed king of all yellow daffodils, the Dutch Master daffodil also known as Ki... [More]

From $7.26
10 Bulbs

daffodil mixed
Daffodil Bulbs - Double Mixed - Bag of 10,...

Perennial; Grows up to 14 - 18 Inches. Spring Blooming, Easy to Grow. Prefers Sun/Parti... [More]

From $5.37
Daffodil Bulbs - Red Cup Mix - 10 Bulbs, M...

As the name suggests, this mix is full of red cupped daffodils! We love their bold cent... [More]

Price: $4.74
Daffodil Bulbs - Pretty in Pink Mix, Mixed...

Daffodil bulbs - Pretty in Pink Mix This mix features white petals and a blend of gorge... [More]

From $6.30

More Fall Planted Daffodil Bulbs here>>>

NEW - Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Purple J...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall - Planted) - Purple Jean Oh Purple Jean! Such a lovely bloom wit... [More]

From $38.79
20 Bulbs
Anemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Blanda Mix ...

Perennial; Grows up to 6 - 12 Inches. Spring Blooming, Blue and White Flowers, Easy to ... [More]

From $13.67
20 Bulbs
anemone rainbowAnemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Rainbow Pas...

Anemone Bulbs (Fall - Planted) - Rainbow Pastel Mix The Rainbow Pastel Mix produces lar... [More]

From $30.49
20 Bulbs

Lily Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Stargazer Casa...

Lily Bulbs - Stargazer Casablanca Mix This mix is the ultimate Lily dream. Stargazers a... [More]

From $5.37
anemone de caen blueAnemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - De Caen Blu...

Anemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - De Caen Blue White Mix - Bag of 20, Blue/White, Eden Bro... [More]

From $30.49
20 Bulbs
Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs - Ziva - Bag of...

Plant Indoors in all zones. Fall/Winter Blooming, Easy to Grow, White Flowers. Prefers ... [More]

From $8.19

Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Red, Red...

Looking to add some bright color and fun blooms to your planting space? Ranunculus bulb... [More]

From $30.49
20 Bulbs
Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - White, W...

Looking to add some bright color and fun blooms to your planting space? Ranunculus bulb... [More]

Price: $30.49
20 Bulbs
Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Yellow, ...

Looking to add some bright color and fun blooms to your planting space? Ranunculus bulb... [More]

From 30.49
20 Bulbs

NEW - Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Violet, ...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall - Planted) - Violet Looking to add some bright color and fun blo... [More]

From $30.49
anemone mix fallAnemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - De Caen Mix...

Anemone Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - De Caen Mix - Bag of 20, Mixed, Eden Brothers [More]

From $30.49
NEW - Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Passion ...

Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall - Planted) - Passion Mix Looking to add some delicate but passio... [More]

From $30.49

Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Happy Mi...

Ranunculus - Happy Mix This mix makes us smile! With vibrant warm colors and gentle fra... [More]

From $30.49
Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - 45 Days ...

Ranunculus - 45 Days of Bloom Mix If you cant get enough of ranunculus, this is the per... [More]

From $30.49
Ranunculus Bulbs (Fall-Planted) - Bridal B...

Ranunculus - Bridal Bouquet Mix Looking to add some delicate blooms to your planting sp... [More]

Price: $28.29


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