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Heirloom / Organic Vegetable Seeds

Eden Brothers
Located in Arden, NC
Eden Brothers sells the finest and freshest seeds and bulbs in the industry. All we sell is 100% pure seed: no additives, no fillers…EVER! Eden Brothers is a supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge and only works with growers who share the same stance against Genetically Modified seeds.
When buying from us, you can rest assured that the seeds you are purchasing are fresh, 100% pure, high germination, GMO-Free Seeds. Always.
tommato seed 1
Tomato Seeds (Organic) - Brandywine, Veget...

dir=ltr style=line - height: 1. 2954545454545454;margin - top: 0pt;margin - bottom: 9pt... [More]

Price: $7.95
tomato seed 2
Tomato Seeds (Organic) - Small Red Cherry,...

Grow Organic Heirloom Tomatoes Small Red Cherry Tomato Seeds: High yielding Small Red C... [More]

Price: $6.50
tomato seed 3
Tomato Seeds (Organic) - Amana Orange, Veg...

Grow Heirloom Tomatoes - Amana Orange Tomato Seeds: Bring some beautiful color to your ... [More]

Price: $7.95

broccoli seed
Broccoli Seeds (Organic) - Calabrese, Vege...

Organic Calabrese broccoli is an heirloom variety, and one of the most familiar and pop... [More]

Price: $4.50
arugula seed
Arugula Seeds (Organic) - Rocket, Vegetabl...

Organic Rocket Arugula is by far the most popular Arugula variety and typically the one... [More]

Price: $4.50
bean seeds 1
Bean Seeds (Organic) - Blue Lake 274, Vege...

Grow Heirloom Beans - Plant Organic Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean Seeds The Organic Blue Lake... [More]

Price: $8.95

cabbage seeds 1
Cabbage Seeds (Organic) - Pak Choy White S...

Grow Organic Heirloom Cabbages - Plant OrganicPak Choy White Stem Chinese Cabbage Seeds... [More]

Price: $4.50
carrot seeds
Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Blend, Vegetable Se...

Grow Heirloom Carrots - Rainbow Blend Carrot Seeds: Grow a colorful and delicious veget... [More]

Price: $4.25
cauliflower seeds
Cauliflower Seeds (Organic) - Snowball Y I...

Grow Heirloom Organic Cauliflower - Organic Snowball Y Cauliflower Seeds: The name says... [More]

Price: $4.95

corn seeds
Corn Seeds - Stowells Evergreen, Vegetable...

Grow Heirloom Corn - Plant Stowells Evergreen Corn Seeds Here is your chance to grow a ... [More]

Price: $7.50
cucumber seeds
Cucumber Seeds (Organic) - Tendergreen Bur...

Grow Organic Heirloom Cucumbers - Plant Organic Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber Seeds Fru... [More]

Price: $4.95
kale seeds
Kale Seeds (Organic) - Lacinato, Vegetable...

Grow Organic & Heirloom Kale - Plant Organic Lacinato Kale Seeds: Also known as Dinosaur... [More]

Price: $4.95

lettuce seeds 1
Lettuce Seeds (Organic) - Garden Blend, Ve...

Grow Heirloom Lettuce - Plant Organic Garden Blend Lettuce Seeds A little taste of ever... [More]

Price: $4.95
melon seeds
Melon Seeds (Organic) - Honey Rock, Vegeta...

Grow Organic Heirloom Melons - Plant Organic Honey Rock Melon Seeds Organic Honey Rock ... [More]

Price: $4.50
watermelon seeds
Watermelon Seeds (Organic) - Sugar Baby, V...

Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds: Sugar Baby is the ideal watermelon for the home ga... [More]

Price: $4.95

hot pepper seeds
Hot Pepper Seeds (Organic) - Cayenne Long ...

Grow Organic Heirloom Peppers - Plant Cayenne Long Red Thin Pepper Seeds Be forewarned:... [More]

Price: $4.95
sweet pepper seeds
Sweet Pepper Seeds (Organic) - California ...

Grow Organic & Heirloom Peppers - Plant OrganicCalifornia Wonder Pepper Seeds Hands dow... [More]

Price: $4.95
pumpkim seeds
Pumpkin Seeds (Organic) - Connecticut Field...

Organic Heirloom Connecticut Field Pumpkin: One of the largest carving pumpkins! Its or... [More]

Price: $4.95

pumpkin seeds 2
Pumpkin Seeds (Organic) - Connecticut Field...

Organic Heirloom Connecticut Field Pumpkin: One of the largest carving pumpkins! Its or... [More]

Price: $4.95
pumpkin seeds 3
Pumpkin Seeds (Organic) - Spookie, Vegetab...

Grow Organic Heirloom Pumpkins - Plant Spookie Pumpkin Seeds Very sweet and flavorful, ... [More]

Price: $4.95

Lots more of Pumpkin Seeds here
spinach seeds
Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale Long Standing, ...

For our money, the finest spinach variety on the market today. Deep Green leaves product... [More]

Price: $2.95

squash seeds 1
Squash (Organic) Seeds - Black Beauty, Veg...

Grow Organic Heirloom Squash - Plant Organic Black Beauty Zucchini Squash Seeds: 1957 A... [More]

Price: $4.95
squash seeds 2
Squash Seeds (Organic) - Golden Summer Cro...

Organic Heirloom Golden Summer Crookneck Squash Seeds Distinctive in both appearance an... [More]

Price: $4.95
squash seeds 4
Squash Seeds (Organic) - Acorn Table Queen...

Grow Organic & Heirloom Winter Squash - Plant Organic Acorn Table Queen Squash Seeds Or... [More]

Price: $4.95


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