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John Vlagos, Master Cobbler & Father of our Founder of Oak Street Bootmakers

Oak Street Bootmakers
We guarantee all Oak Street Bootmakers products and our policy is simple: We will repair or replace any Oak Street Bootmakers product with faulty craftsmanship or defective materials.
Profile: Oak Street Bootmakers
Born in Pagrati, Greece, John Vlagos apprenticed for a cobbler as a young man before eventually opening his own shoe repair in Wheaton, Illinois. John’s reputation for quality cobbling and famously direct and boisterous personality have allowed his business to flourish for over four decades. His relentless perfectionism, instinctive business acumen, and reverence for quality footwear had a profound and lasting influence on his son and apprentice.

As a young man, I spent my afternoons, weekends, and summers working as a cobbler’s assistant at my father’s shoe repair. Most days, it was the same thing: bluchers and loafers, brown and black. But every now and then, we'd see something special. I remember seeing a pair of scotchgrain wingtip oxfords from the early 1970's. They seemed, at first, drastically overbuilt: soles that must have weighed 4 pounds, steel cleats in each heel and toe, a Storm Welt with decorative wheeling, deerskin lining, and uppers which, over 20 years and so many polishes, had developed the sort of finish I would one day know by name. But there was something more to them than all that something more substantive, something more real.

Oak Street Bootmakers was founded to make sure that sort of craftsmanship not only survives, but is available to as many people as possible. When we began work on our first collection, we had no idea just how many challenges we’d face manufacturing here at home: a shortage of qualified workers, limited access to machinery, and a supply-chain with more than a few missing links. Ten years later, we remain more committed to domestic manufacturing than ever before—not in spite of these challenges, but because of them.

For us, ‘Made in USA’ is not selling point—it’s the whole point.

— George Vlagos, Founder

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Links to USA MADE Shoes and Footwear Stores

Alden: Men's Shoes
Allen Edmonds: Men's Shoes                
Aurora Shoe Co.: Made in New York
Body and Sole Comfort: Foot cushions
Capps Shoe Company: Manufactures quality Uniform Footwear.
Cord:  Shoes, Boots
Cove Shoe Co:  Professional Work Shoes
Crescent Moon Snow Shoes:  Best Snowshoes on the World
CYDWOQ: Made in California
E. Vogel:  Custom Boots/Shoes
Eastland Shoe:  Casual Shoes
Eliza B.:  Sandals
Explicit Shoes Inc.: Have been in the shoe manufacturing business for 55 years started in France , their success continues in United States as a leading manufacturer of sexy and alternative fashion footwear for the past 25 years. Products are 100% handmade in U.S.A. Sun Valley, CA
Footskins: Offering deerskin moccasins, deertan leather moccasins, cowhide leather moccasins, shoes, boots, and slippers All our hand made deerskin, deertan and cowhide leather products are completely made in the USA! Our moccasins and leather boots are 100% made in the USA. Each pair of moccasins or boots is hand crafted using only genuine American deerskin or cowhide leather, Spring Grove, MN
Footwear by Footskins:  Handcrafted Moccasins, Shoes and Boots.
The Frye Company:  Men's and Women's Boots and Shoes
Hersey Custom Shoe Company: Made in Massachusetts
Itasca Leathergoods:  Quality Moccasins, Lake George, MN
Iverson Outdoors:  Traditional Snowshoes and Bentwood Products
Island Slipper:  Sandals/Flip Flops
LUNA Sandals:  Adventure Running Sandals
Mohop Shoes:  Custom Vegan Shoes and Accessories 
Munro Shoes: Women's Boots, Shoes and Accessories
New Balance Shoes: Select styles, sneakers made in the USA
Oakstreet Bootmakers: Boots and Moccasins 
Okabashi:  Sandals/Flip Flops
Oliver Moore:  Custom/Handmade Shoes
Onex: Women’s shoes made in California
Opie Way: Very stylish, made in North Carolina
Perry Ercolino:  Custom Shoes
Pierrepont Hicks: Women’s shoes, made in Maine
Quoddy: Men's and Women's Shoes               
Rancourt and Company:
Men's and Women's shoes and socks
Russell Moccasin Co.: Moccasins, Shoes and Boots
Salpy Shoes: Made in California
SAS Shoes: Women's and Men's Shoes.
Scandic:  Clogs
Skater Socks:  Original Old School Tube Socks
Sloggers: Rain Boots & Garden Shoes
SmartWool:  Wool Socks, Clothing & Accessories ALSO UNDER CLOTHES
Soft Star: Adult and Kids shoes made in Oregon
SoleFog: Odor Eliminator/Shoe Deodorizer
Som Footwear: Comfortable Lightweight Shoes 
Steger Mukluks and Moccasins: Made in Minnesota
Sven: Clogs, made in Minnesota
Telic Footwear: Men's and Women's sandals, flip Flops, Shoes
The Hill-Side: Sneakers and Boots
The Vintage Shoe Company: Made in Pennsylvania
Thorogood Footwear:  Shoes, Boots, Workwear
Townview Leather:  Double Sole Moccasins 
Truman Boot Co.: Made in Oregon
Walk-Over: Men’s shoes
Wassookeag Moccasins:  Handmade Mens Moccasins 
Wolverine: Men’s select styles made in Michigan
Zuzii Footwear: – Made in California

Cowboy Boots

Abilene:  Cowboy Boots made in Pennsylvania
Anderson Bean: We value the tradition of Texas bootmaking, and we build our boots honestly – without any shortcuts or factory tricks, handcrafted in Mercedes, Texas
Babiones Wilson Boots: Cowboy Boots made in Montana
Back at the Ranch: Offers about 700 different types of cowboy boots for men and women, factory in El Paso TX
Beck Cowboy Boots: Custom handmade Cowboy Boots are made to work in and last for years of rugged wear, Amarillo, TX
Caboots: Cowboy Boots,  4 generations of Texan Boot Making
Candela Boot Co.: Texas traditional custom made boots, Austin, Texas
Carman Allen: Custom hand-crafted boots,Fort Worth, TX
Chappell Boots: custom, made-to-measure, hand-made, cowboy boots, Saint Jo, TX
Dews Handmade Boots: Custom fit and build western style boots, Vernon, Texas
Double-H: Cowboy Boots made in Pennsylvania
D.W. Frommer II: Making custom made western (cowboy) boots for over twenty years, Redmond,  OR
Espinoza Boots: Creates fine works of art with impeccable finishes of custom made boots, Phoenix, AZ
Falconhead: Handmade Cowboy Boots manufactured in the United States using American produced materials, El Paso, TX
Friedson Brothers: Believe that there is a market for quality Western, Police, Polo, and Riding Boots, made by Americans.. and mean REALLY made by Americans! Our boots are cut, sewn, lasted, and soled in the United States and are NOT made mostly 'somewhere else' and then just 'finished' here, made in the USA
Heritage Boot: Inspired with detailing and design elements taken from the 1930s thru 1960s,Austin, TX
Houston Custom Boots: Family owned business with 59 years of leather experience, Houston, TX
J.B. Custom Leather Goods: Custom boots come in all shapes, colors, styles and built on a last modified to fit you, Sheridan Wyoming
J.B. Hill Boot Company: Hand-making the finest custom cowboy boots in the world, El Paso, Texas
J.L. Mercer & Sons: Making the finest in handmade and custom cowboy boots, San Angelo, Texas
John Allen Woodward:  Features his signature and commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship and design, Boulder, CO
Justin Boots: Cowboy Boots select styles.
KM Custom Handmade Boots: Custom handmade boots, Archer City, TX
Legendary Boot Company: One of the leading bootmakers of fine custom cowboy boots in the world, El Paso, TX
Leverett Boots: Handmade of the finest leathers available and according to carefully taken measurements, Amarillo Texas
Little's Boot Company: Custom made boots since 1915, San Antonio, TX
Loveless Boots: Family owned business that has been custom making the finest quality footwear for over 35 years
Lucchese Boots:  Men's and Women's select styles Texas Factory.
M.L. Leddys: Western boots hand built in Texas with the finest leathers and materials, Fort Worth, Texas
Maidas: Master craftsmen use century-old methods combined with hand-made techniques to create your unique one-of-a-kind piece, Houston, TX
Mercedes Boot Co.:  Making the World's Finest Custom Handmade Western Leather Boots located in Texas, Terrell, Texas
Michael Anthony Boots: He takes eight to ten measurements on each foot to guarantee a perfect fit, Sonoma County, CA
Nocona: Cowboy Boots select styles
Old Tascosa Leather: Custom handmade/custom fitted boots, Amarillo, TX
Olsen-Stelzer Boots: Boots are handmade right here in the State of Texas by our master bootmakers, Dallas, TX
Paul Bond Boots: Boots are individually made by artisans who have been in the business for generations, Nogales, AZ
PK BootMaker: Committed to handcrafting the finest quality custom leather cowboy boots and gear, Arizona
Ponder Boot Company: Offer only custom handmade fine leather creations, Fort Worth, TX
Richard Cook Custom Boots: Custom made boots, Seguin, TX
Rios of Mercedes: After 160 years our craftsmen still handmake every pair with artist-like devotion, Mercedes, TX
Rocketbuster:  Handmade Custom Boots are designed, cut, carved, stitched, and assembled by us, El Paso, TX
Roundy Boots:  Hand building footwear for forty years,  Toquerville, UT
Stallion Boots:  Combining the finest quality craftsmanship with the highest quality materials, El Paso, TX
Stephanie Ferguson:  Custom boots are designed to fit your particular feet , Millsap, TX
Tejas Custom Boots:  Our boots are crafted by hand to fit you, and you alone, Houston , Texas
Tex Robin Boots:  Custom designed, and handmade, Abilene, TX
Tony Lama:  Each pair of prized Tony Lama boots are a true work of art, meticulously built by hand, Syracuse, New York

Work/Hunting/Hiking Boots

All American Clothing: Boots
All USA Clothing: Boots and Socks
Allegiance Footwear: Durable boots and other footwear, Mountain City, TN
Altama:  Combat Boots
Arrow Moccasin:  Boots and moccasins, Hudson, MA
Bates:  Quality design and durable comfort footwear for men and women in uniform, Richmond, IN
Bedrock Sandals: Hiking Sandals,  Missoula, Montana
Belleville: Military and Tactical
Carhartt:  Work boots are made in four facilities located in Kentucky and Tennessee
Carolina: men’s, select styles, Martinsburg, PA
Chippewa Boots:  Work Boots 
Corcoran: Military and Tactical
Danner:  Boots made in Oregon
Filson:  Boots for hunters, anglers, engineers, explorers, miners and anyone who has a passion for the outdoors, Seattle, Washington
Heartland Footwear:  Founded in 2010 by a dedicated team of footwear specialists. Headquartered and manufacture our products in America's heartland, South Bend IN
Helm Boots: Brings modern fashion to the American work boot-inspired construction, Austin, TX
Hoffman Boots: Boots Made in Idaho
John Calden:  Hiking boots inside and out since 1970, Estes Park, CO
KEEN Footwear: American built work boots, Portland, OR
Labonville:  USA Made boots, Gorham, NH
L.L. Bean: Select styles, made in Maine
Lily Trotters:  Designer High-Performance Compression Socks
Limmer:  Handmade hiking boots, Intervale,  NH
Nicks Handmade Boots: Made in Washington
Orvis: Boots made in Vermont
Red Wing Shoes: Men's and Women's Boots and Accessories
Reebok Work: A select collection of Reebok Made in USA boot styles are manufactured in the United States, with 100% of the materials sourced domestically as well
Rocky:  Quality Outdoor, Work, Western, Public Service and Military footwear, Nelsonville, Ohio
Schnee’s: Boots, made in Montana
Weinbrenner:  Focused on craftsmanship, innovation, and comfort in all work boots, Merrill, WI
Wesco:  Boots
White's Boots:  Boots, Spokane, Washington


Blue Heel: Custom socks with a sense of purpose that are good for the sole, everything is made in the USA
Boldfoot: Socks
Carolina Hosiery: Manufacture all types of socks for men, women and children.  Boot socks, wool socks, soccer socks, athletic socks, knee highs, fashion socks, and many more.  We currently hold the license to manufacture Browning Socks and Wrangler Socks. All our socks are made in the USA in Burlington, North Carolina.
Chrissy's Socks:  Knee High Socks
Cloudline Socks: Merino wool hiking socks, Seattle, WA
Dahlgren:  Socks
Dan Post Socks: Made with a blend of the finest yarns for comfort, moisture control, and support, 100% made in the USA
Darn Tough:  Socks
Diabetic Sock Club: Diabetic Socks
Drymax Sports: Socks for any occasion, Fort Payne, AL
Farm to Feet: Socks
FITS Socks:   Variety of socks, Charleston, SC
Fox River Mills:  Socks
Mitscoots: Men and women's socks, products manufactured in Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, New Jersey, New York, California and packaged in Austin, Texas
Penance Hall:  Dress Socks
Point6: Men's, women's, kids socks,  made in the USA with imported merino wool, Steamboat Springs, CO
Pro-tect Socks by Crawford Knitting Inc.: Markets 100% American-made socks with copper-defense technology. Their socks were the first to be tested by NASA and offer the benefits of aggressively combating odor, promoting prevention of infection & athlete's foot, and resisting foot skin fungal growth. Copper Defense Technology is used in Athletic Cross Training Socks, Merino Wool Outdoor Socks, and Diabetic Socks, Ramseur, NC
RocknSocks: Are knit in the USA using an innovative recycled fiber, women's over the knee socks, knee high socks, below the calf socks, USA made
SilverSport: Active wear for men and women, Pittsburgh, PA
SmartWool:  Wool Socks, Clothing,  and Accessories.
Socks4Life: Starting at $2 From Socks4Life
Solmate Socks: Has been designing and knitting stunning mismatched socks, hats, scarves, mittens and fingerless mittens for over fifteen years. Made in a North Carolina knitting mill
Swiftwick Socks: Socks for running, cycling, hiking and other adventures, produced in the USA, Brentwood, TN
Thorlos:  Padded Socks
Wigwam Mills:  Performance Socks/Gear
Wright Sock: Special build socks for sports, hiking, running etc., Burlington, NC
Zkano: Men's and women's socks, made with organic cotton, Fort Payne, AL
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