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"Is there a better time to change your Buying Habits? Choose American Made Products Where Quality is Required*. What you may find is the price could be less and the workmanship better."
*Quote from Robin Corkins

We here at USA Made are promoting USA Made Products, and profiling the Companies that makes them. You may search our site for USA Made products by using the navigation bar above. For each of the categories we made a profile about one company, please read their stories.

In the mid-1980s, nearly 75% of apparel worn in America was made in the United States. Unfortunately, today it's less than 3%. The apparel industry is just one example of how US manufacturing has been decimated. We are supporting the companies determined to reverse that trend. They're building iconic American brands that are truly American-made and sets the standard for high quality ‘Made in USA’ merchandise. They are brands that celebrates America!

How exactly does buying American help, though?
What are some of the reasons why I should buy American-Made products? These are some common questions among those who are looking to do their part, and in this article, we have listed 10 reasons why you should change your buying habits and buy American-Made products.

us made clothes
This photo is from AMERICAN GIANT and here is what they have to say:
Maybe, like us, you’ve looked around and not liked what you’ve seen. Mega-corporations, obsessed with handing profits over to shareholders, grow bigger and bigger, churning out cheap stuff that leaves us all feeling empty. Meanwhile, working people are left behind. Communities hollow out. And junkyards fill with all that stuff. Maybe, like us, you’ve wondered if there is a better way. If you can do something to make things better. And where you might start.
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Jeans and Denim
usa made jeans
This photo is from Jeans company TELLASON.
The founders Patella and Pete Searson have been like-minded friends since 1990. Their love for durable goods, their respect for where they came from and who made them is found in their brand. "We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won't happen.
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Tellason Jeans - USA Made Store>>>
American made shoes and footwear
This photo is from OAK STREET BOOTMAKERS, and here is some words from the founder:
Oak Street Bootmakers was founded to make sure that quality of craftsmanship not only survives, but is available to as many people as possible. When we began work on our first collection, we had no idea just how many challenges we’d face manufacturing here at home: a shortage of qualified workers, limited access to machinery, and a supply-chain with more than a few missing links. Ten years later, we remain more committed to domestic manufacturing than ever before—not in spite of these challenges, but because of them. For us, ‘Made in USA’ is not selling point - it’s the whole point.
- George Vlagos, Founder
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Personal Care
duke cannon ad
Earthley, Columbus, Ohio: At the heart of what we do is our commitment to producing 100% clean, natural products. We don’t (and won’t) use any compromising ingredients. Everything on our labels is recognizable, because it’s all about using whole and unprocessed plant materials. This allows us to produce remedies and body care that are extremely safe, as well as extremely effective — for the whole family.

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360 cookware
Photo is from 360 COOKWARE, here are some words from the owner:
There are so many things to worry about in this world; let 360 take away one of them. Trust the American-owned, Hand Crafted in the USA, Green-Manufactured Cookware that is 360.
- Patriotically Yours, Bryan Hurley, Owner.

360 Cookware USA Made Store>>>.
Duluth Pack photo
FLOWFOLD, Gorham, Maine: With our mission to create better, longer-lasting gear, we have always been adamant that 100% of our products are Made in the USA. We are a Maine-based brand with a global reach, committed to supporting our local communities and maintaining full control of our design and production. We seek the highest quality materials, explore new sustainable fabrics, invest in cutting-edge production technology.

Flowfold Hand Bags - USA Made Store>>>
Giorgi brothers american made furnitures
Montana Woodworks® is the single largest and most trusted manufacturer of handcrafted rustic furnishings in the nation. We manufacture all of our log furniture items in our own factory here in Northwestern Montana. This ensures a very reliable supply chain. Directory.

USA Made Furniture Store>>>
electronic products produced in the USA
The Grado family has deep roots in Brooklyn, where they have been hand building headphones and cartridges since 1953. Tradition and heritage have been carried down through three generations. Go to Directory to find more Electronics stores>>>
american made tools
CHANNELLOCK is based out of two facilities, equaling a total of 260,000 square feet, in Meadville, PA. With more than 350 full-time associates, They are among the largest employers in Crawford County, PA. Directory.

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette produced in USA
Chevrolet remains on track to begin producing the eighth-generation Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The factory is now a 1.7 million square foot facility that employs almost one thousand people. Click here to find more Vehicles Made in the USA.
usa produced harley davidson
Harley-Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. Harley-Davidson has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom by leading the innovation of two-wheeled mobility.
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Horse Tack
saddles made in the usa
Since 1965 Big Horn Saddlery and American Saddlery have made close to ONE MILLION saddles by hand, one at a time, right here in the USA! Horse Lovers! Thanks for Riding With Us! Go to directory to find more Horse Tack stores.

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